8 Campus Rec Ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 5, 2021

Written by Danielle Whitmire, Intramural Sports Coordinator

Struggling to think of a creative Valentine’s date idea for you & your significant other? Do you need a fun way to celebrate Galentine’s Day? Are you and your roommate just tired of watching Netflix all day, every day? Here are 8 Campus Rec activities if you’re looking to try something new this V-day:

Coast Down the Slopes & Coffee

Flex your ski/snowboarding skills at Snowflex or laugh as the two of you fly down the tubing runs. The best part? It’s all free for Liberty students! After your time on the slopes, you can warm up in the cozy Barrick-Falwell Lodge over a cup of The Muse Coffee and delicious pastries.

Pins & Pizza

Pick up one of your favorite pies from Woodfire Pizza Co., then go pick up some spares! The Montview Bowling Alley is a great place for a double date, a group outing, or a ladies’ night! To make it even better, the Montview Bowling Alley is hosting a BOGO Blacklight Bowling event from 6 p.m.–close on Valentine’s Day!

Gun Club & Gyros

Head up to LMGC between 2-6 P.M. on Valentine’s Day to practice your shooting skills and enjoy the mountain views! Afterwards, head back down the mountain and grab some Garbanzo or gyros from Hot and Cold Café Downtown Lynchburg!

Hike & Hot Cocoa

Zip up your winter layers, lace up your hiking boots, and fill a thermos full of cocoa! Grab a trail map at Hydaway Outdoor Center and navigate your way to where Clear Cut Rd. intersects the powerlines. Enjoy the beauty of the morning or get there in time to see the sunset. Either way, this might just become your favorite date of all time.

Exercise & Energize

Hold each other to those New Year’s resolutions and hit the gym at LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center or David’s Place for a workout. For something sweet, follow it up with some delicious and nutritious smoothies!

Skate Park & Sushi

Pick up your skateboards (or those roller skates you bought during quarantine) and head over to the Liberty Mountain Skate Park, where students can skate for free! Afterward, walk a few doors over to Wasabi and grab some sushi.

Rock Climb & Rocky Road

Visit the LaHaye Rock Wall to try the new routes then go for ice cream at a new spot! Try a lesser-known favorite like Outside the Cone.

Table Tennis & Tacos

Compete against each other (and others) for a coveted Intramural Sports championship shirt at the Table Tennis or Billiards Tournaments at the Montview Game Room on Feb. 12. Take your talents to Tacos Locos for dinner afterward to celebrate—whether it was a brilliant victory or a valiant effort.

Whatever your plans may be for Valentine’s Day weekend, Campus Recreation has you covered. If you already made other plans but are interested in viewing our events for the rest of the semester, head to our Events page!

Campus Recreation Challenge

January 28, 2021

Written by Darienne James, Marketing Employee

Campus Recreation works hard to bring incredible experiences and activities to the Liberty student body each semester. Every opportunity provided is centered on the idea that being active can be enjoyable and that our holistic well-being matters!

For the entirety of the spring semester, you will have the opportunity to compete in the first ever Campus Rec Challenge. This challenge is not only a great way to stay active, but a way to push yourself while getting to know all that Campus Recreation has to offer. Those who complete the challenge will receive an award and be entered to win one of the grand prizes!

How to Participate

Make sure to pick up a challenge booklet at any of the Campus Recreation facilities, or in the Campus Recreation main office (located in Green Hall above Chick-fil-A)!

Here are the rules for participation:

  • The activities can be completed in any order and at any time throughout the semester.
  • They must be completed within operational hours at each facility.
  • After completing the activities, you must verify your completion with a faculty staff member. You will receive a sticker from the staff member covering that activity in your booklet.
  • You cannot get credit for your activity if you do not have your booklet with you.
  • Please write your full name and LU email address on your booklet. Staff may ask to validate your identity with your Flames Pass.

So, What are the Activities?

Who doesn’t like stickers? Below you will see the activity you must complete at each facility if you want one for your booklet. There are 10 activities in total!

Montview Game Room: 1 game of billiards or ping-pong
Montview Bowling Alley: Score 75+ in one game of bowling
David’s Place: Complete 1 mile on the treadmill
LaHaye Rec & Fit: 1 Group Ex class or climb at the Rock Wall
Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center: Check in with staff and take a selfie with a horse
Liberty Mountain Gun Club: Complete 1 game (trap, skeet, or 5-stand) at the shotgun range
Hydaway Outdoor Center: Check out and utilize equipment from the outfitter
Intramural Sports: Participate in a tournament or team sport
Liberty Mountain Skate Park: Take a selfie with Sparky
Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre: Participate in skiing or snowboarding

Eyes on the Prize!

You’re probably dying to know what prize awaits you upon the completion of this challenge! Here’s the good news: if you complete all ten activities, you will receive an exclusive Campus Rec hoodie as a completion award!

When you have collected all of your stickers, drop your booklet off at the Campus Recreation Office and pick up your hoodie. You must drop off your booklet no later than the last day of classes (May 4, 2021).

Along with this exclusive hoodie, you will be eligible to win one of two grand prizes! After turning your completed booklet in, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a Nintendo Switch Lite or an Apple Watch 40MM Series 5. Shortly after May 4, Campus Rec Staff will choose 1 winner for each prize. Winners will be emailed and announced via social media.

So, what do you think? Are you up to the challenge? Pick up a brochure today at any of our facilities or the Campus Recreation office!

Campus Rec Gift Guide

December 17, 2020

Written by Alivia Chenoweth, Marketing Manager

With Christmas coming up in exactly a week, that means it is crunch time to get gifts for your friends and family. Knowing where to start can be tricky, so that’s why we’ve come up with a specialized gift guide just for you! So, no need to have a bah humbug attitude about finding gifts this year because we’ve got your back.

The Fitness Fanatic

If the first thing on your mind every day is when you’re going to workout, then you are what we call a fitness fanatic. Listed below are a few items that are perfect for your at home or in the gym workouts. 

  • Personal Training Package: Our certified Personal Trainers are the best around and are here to get you back on track. After developing a personalized plan, they are here to teach you the correct workout form and keep you motivated. These packages are offered to students, staff, and faculty at a very discounted rate and are the perfect gift for the holidays.
  • Fitness Jump Rope: This kind of jump rope isn’t for double-dutch. Incorporating jumping rope into your workout routine is extremely beneficial for your heart and bone health and is an intense form of cardio.
  • Stack 52 Bodyweight Exercise Cards: Looking to incorporate some games into your workout? These exercise cards are the perfect option to add some fun into your routine. Bring these to the gym or complete a set at home and you’re set!
  • Aquatic Pull Paddles: These paddles help develop your stroke mechanics by emphasizing your hand’s natural feel to the water. Just under $10, these are a great addition to your workout.
  • Fit Bit or Apple Watch: Of course we had to include these on the list. With such great aspects such as Apple Fitness or Fit Bit tracking your workouts, these watches are more than for telling time.
  • Rogue Bands: Perfect for resistance training, these bands help with mobility work, pull-up assistance, and bench press assistance. We highly recommend this brand as it is one that we purchase for LaHaye Rec & Fit equipment.
  • Nutribullet: A well-blended smoothie every time! This single-service blender is perfect for on the go mornings and add a healthy benefit to your daily nutrition.

The Sports Lover

For the competitive spirit when it comes to sports, we have come up with the perfect list for you. In addition, if you want to support local businesses this holiday season, a majority of these options are offered at Play It Again Sports in Forest, VA!

  • Disc golf discs: With so many Disc Golf Course options in every city, especially Lynchburg, this game is easy to learn and is great for advanced and beginner players.
  • Footballs: Perfect for tossing around in the yard, and also putting together a game with friends, footballs are always a great option for a Christmas gift.
  • Broomball shoes: This one is more specific but with Broomball being one of IMS’s most popular sports every semester, these shoes are something to look into! They help keep you stable on the ice which improves your game technique overall.
  • Spikeball Set: A classic gift option that you can never go wrong with. Spikeball can be played indoors and outdoors and is a great team game to play and learn.

The Gamer

Do you or someone you know love to play card games, video games, or bowl? Check out some of these sweet gift ideas below.

  • Basic Bowling Kit: Looking to improve your game? This less than $20 kit comes with cleaner, polish applicator and remover, and a grip ball to keep your hands dry for the best technique.
  • Montview Bowling Alley Membership: Our memberships are the perfect stocking stuffers with the choice between a monthly ($30) or semester ($60) membership. Shoe rentals are included, so what could be better than unlimited bowling? We can’t think of anything.
  • Nintendo Switch Lite: The Nintendo Switch seems to be all the hype this year and is easily transportable. Plus, do we dare mention Animal Crossing?
  • Exploding Kittens Card Game: If you’re looking for a new game night card game, this is a top choice in my opinion. Compared to a version of Russian Roulette dominated by kittens, goats, and magical enchiladas, this game may seem totally crazy, but I promise it will lead to hours of fun and competition.
  • Shock Blue Xbox Controller: A true beauty that was just released last month, this controller features updated grip, a new Share button, and is compatible with most Xbox systems.
  • Xbox Pro Controller Charging Stand: A wireless charger that provides a secure charge every time! This item is a necessity for any Xbox player.
  • Playstation 4 Controller Charging Stand: This DualShock charging station is also compatible with Nintendo Switch and Xbox X.
  • Bowling Glove: This glove is great for wrist support with a customized feel.

The Skiier or Snowboarder

Are the slopes always calling your name? These gift ideas below are a necessity for a skier or snowboarder.

  • Smith Optics Squad Goggles: If you find yourself skiing or snowboarding a lot during the winter season, these goggles are perfect so block the wind and snow when going down the slopes.
  • Sukoa Ski and Snowboard Boot Carrier Strap: This carrier strap takes away the hassle of having to juggle carrying your boots and board or skis. Just under $20, this gift comes with convenience and quality.
  • Snowflex Ski and Snowboard Lessons: Do you know someone who wants to improve their ski and snowboard skills or doesn’t know where to start learning? Snowflex offers discounted lessons offered by our knowledgeable and experienced private instructors.
  • Crab Grab: These are always a great option as most snowboarder love putting stickers on their board and these are stickers that are actually useful in providing traction for grabs or as a stomp pad!
  • Kinco Mittens: These are some of the best quality leather mittens on the market and yet they are priced at an incredibly affordable rate. This is a lot of our Snowflex employee’s personal go to mitt in the colder parts of the year!

The Outdoor Enthusiast

Does the idea of camping and spending the night out under the stars peak your interest? Or spending your afternoon out on the lake or hiking a mountain? Then you are the outdoor enthusiast! These gift ideas below are right up your alley.

  • Eno Hammock: This gift is a must this season. With single or double nest options available, Enos can be taken anywhere on campus and at Eno Haven at Hydaway. These hammocks are perfect for relaxing in, camping, or spending time with your friends outdoors.
  • LifeStraw: This incredible invention allows you to drink water from any source. Find yourself on a hike and ran out of water? Grab your LifeStraw and find a river or creek and you’re set.
  • Spot 350 Headlamp: A compact and waterproof headlamp that is perfect for camping, caving, and hiking!
  • Lifeproof Fre Phonecase: A slim version of the Lifeproof cases that is made out of 60% recycled plastic and is completely waterproof.
  • Smartwool Socks: Take this Sock Finder quiz to find your perfect pair!

The Gun Range Neophyte

Since Liberty has its own gun range, do you know someone who has just recently started shooting? Has someone you know taken a class at the range and seems interested doing more? Anyone on your Christmas list that has recently purchased a new firearm? Then we have suggestions for you to help the new shooter with a day at the range!

  • Shooting Safety Glasses: Eye-protection is required at nearly every gun range, and definitely required at LMGC. These glasses run about $17 and allow you to change lenses to suit the lighting. And Walker’s are a favorite of most of the staff at LMGC!
  • Hearing protection Ear-Plugs: Another necessity for any gun range or shooting enthusiast is hearing protection. These very flexible and comfortable ear plugs will protect your hearing and are the same ear plugs provided to the Liberty Action Shooting Team. At around $18, it’s worth every penny for the protection they offer.
  • Range Bag: Is the shooter in your life always trying to find a way to organize their trip to the range? If so, a high-quality range bag will help them keep up with their guns, ammunition, eye protection, ear protection, water bottle, etc. This bag is only $31 and well made for the money.

The Horse Enthusiast

Do you find yourself always around horses or wanting to go on trail rides often? If you have friends or family that are horse lovers or interested in learning how to ride, these gifts are spot on.

  • LMEC Riding Lessons: Riding lessons are only offered for Liberty Residential students! Group lessons are only $25 and private lessons are only $40. Our knowledgeable and experienced instructors are here to teach you the basics and techniques to either Western or Hunt Seat riding! So if you know a student who would be interested, check this out!
  • TuffRider Starter Paddock Riding Boots: Having the correct foot protection when you ride is important. There’s no need to risk the safety of your feet when you can get these paddock boots for less than $35!
  • Smoky Mountain Boonville Boots: Western boots are also very popular around the barn.  They keep your feet safe and can handle all types of surfaces you may encounter around horses.
  • 3 Season’s Glove: Riding gloves will keep your hands warm this winter!  Especially tailored for the horsemanship these affordable gloves make a great gift!

The Skater

For you, a skateboard is your 1st choice of transportation. This season, asking for a new board, trucks, or gear are some great options to find under the tree. 

  • Skateboard Deck: Choose from a variety of cool decks on Tactics website!
  • Skateboard Trucks: Having good trucks is what will help your skateboard ride its best. These options on Tactics website give you a bunch to choose from.

The Brand Rep

Did you know we have a pro shop? With options from LaHaye long sleeves and crewnecks to resistance bands to Snowflex gear to Hydaway mugs, there are so many ways that you can rep Campus Rec! Check out our pro shop here and get shopping!

Take a Deep Breath for Longevity

December 4, 2020

Written by Heather Callahan, Associate Director of Fitness & Programming

Take a moment and set a timer for one minute. Make a tally of how many breaths you take during that minute. Try not to change or think too much about the span of the breath, try to breathe as comfortably as possible.

It is likely that you took about 12-20 breaths during that minute – which is the average for a human being. Now let’s look at a tortoise – they take an average of four breaths per minute. Comparing life spans, tortoises live an average of 98 years longer than human beings.

So, does breathing have something to do with longevity? Health research concludes this as a yes – good breathing practices are positively correlated to decreased mortality risk. Here’s why.

Breathwork Induces Stress Resilience

What is stress resilience? This is your body’s natural reaction to stressors in your environment. Having a good resilience to stress is a very good thing. Breathing practices bring you quickly to the present moment, which helps to reduce stress, symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD.

There are two important components of your autonomic nervous system:

Sympathetic Nervous System (SNS) – “Fight or Flight”

Parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) – “Rest and Digest”

If you are familiar with these terms, you may have heard that good breathing practices help stimulate the PSNS, which is good for all your normal bodily functions.

When you have stress resilience from a good breathwork practice, you achieve sympathovagal balance, enhancing your body’s reactivity to all environmental (physical and mental) stressors, so you can more appropriately activate your SNS and PSNS nervous systems. It’s all about balance.

Easy Breathwork Practices to Start

The current global landscape is stress and anxiety-inducing already. Wearing a mask for prolonged periods of time may limit the depth of breath you can take and the amount of oxygen taken in during that breath, which will stimulate the sympathetic nervous system and increase the heart rate.

Because wearing a mask is currently something we are required to do, whether during work or grocery shopping, or in enclosed spaces, it is important to have good breathing habits whenever you are not wearing it to maintain good health.

Important note: breathwork practices should never cause stress and anxiety, so if you are experiencing that during any breathwork, come back to a comfortable, steady breath. It can be a good habit to take a few normal breaths between rounds of your breath practices.

Breathing Exercises to Try

Deep Abdominal Breath

This breath can be done anytime you need to slow down and relax. When we take a deep abdominal breath, it encourages the use of our diaphragm (primary muscle of relaxed breathing).

How to do it:

You can lay on your back or sit tall in your chair with your eyes open or closed, softly. Relax your jaw and tongue away from the roof of the mouth. Take an inhale and let the belly expand outwards, sending your breath down. On your exhale through your nose, slowly draw the belly button towards your spine. Elongate the breath to your comfort level. Repeat for 1-2 minutes.

4-7-8 Breath

 This technique can be done to alleviate stress and anxiety, and learning how to breath more slowly with control. Only practice this if you feel comfortable holding your inhale for 7 seconds.

How to do it:

Lay down or sit tall in your chair with your eyes closed or open, softly. Relax your jaw and tongue away from the roof of the mouth. Inhale for 4 seconds (counts), holding the breath in for 7 counts. Slowly exhale for 8 counts out of your mouth. Repeat for 1-2 minutes, longer if desired.


The One Where We’re Thankful For 2020

November 20, 2020

Written by Ashley Romero, Marketing Intern

We all started this year with words that we hoped would reflect the season ahead. Words that most likely did not end up describing the year that we would call 2020. As the holiday season comes closer and the leaves begin to fall, it is all too easy to look ahead to the new year and dream of leaving these crazy times in the past. But, what if we rested in the present? What if we shifted our perspective to be grateful for what this year has brought? With Thanksgiving just around the corner, we have a day carved-out in the year to reflect on the things we can be thankful for. An opportunity to leave this year with gratitude for what it was and not disappointment for what we think it should’ve been.

So, What Does Thankfulness Look Like?

For all you Friends lovers out there, you know that the first Thanksgiving of the show was one that was spent in a way that no one hoped for. Rachel hoped to go out of town, Joey and Phoebe hoped to go see their families, Chandler hated Thanksgiving due to his parents’ divorce, and Monica wanted a pristine meal. None of the friends got what they wanted, but after some thought they realized that everything they needed was right around them and they had plenty of reason to be grateful. As we go into Thanksgiving this year, I encourage you to reflect the spirit of these friends. As Rachel Green would say, “It’s Thanksgiving and we should not want to be together, together.”

So, What Can You Do to Make This a Great Thanksgiving?

Let’s take a look into some of the best Friends’ Thanksgivings.

  • Thanksgiving is not complete without Rachel’s Thanksgiving Trifle (Season 6, Episode 9)
  • Make different types of potatoes for everyone (Season 1, Episode 9)
  • Play a healthy game of football in pursuit of the “Geller Cup” (Season 3, Episode 9)
  • Never, ever, for any reason, put a turkey on your head to scare your friends (Season 1, Episode 9)

Most importantly, when preparing for your Thanksgiving meal, always remember “You can’t have Thanksgiving without turkey… That’s like Fourth of July without apple pie, or Friday with no two pizzas.”

More Than Food

Thanksgiving is a holiday we look forward to for a number of reasons but if we’re being honest, the food is most certainly the highlight. As a foodie myself, I plan the meal long before the day ever arrives. Turkey, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, the list goes on and on! But in all seriousness, the day is meant for so much more than eating until we can no longer fit into our clothes. Thanksgiving is about who you’re eating with, the recognition that the food alone is a blessing, that each day is not guaranteed, and that we are lucky to spend another day in the presence of those who love us.

Turn on the Christmas Music and Get in the Holiday Spirit

All in all, Thanksgiving is a time for families to gather and stomachs to be full! The year is coming to a close and the best thing to do is reflect on it with gratitude. So, what will you say when they ask you what it is your thankful for this year?

5 Ways to Improve Sleep

October 16, 2020

Written by Victoria Dissmore, Marketing Employee

Getting a good night’s sleep is an integral part of your overall health and wellbeing, especially as a student. You need that sleep to be able to focus in class and do your homework well. If you’re having trouble sleeping or want to get better, deeper sleep, check out these five tips for improving your sleep quality.

Dim Your Lights

Having lights on around you at night will delay your melatonin production, telling your body that it’s not time to sleep and making it harder to fall asleep at bedtime. Instead of turning all your lights on at full brightness, dim them if they have a dimmer switch or unscrew a couple of lightbulbs if it’s a multi-bulb light. Also consider completely turning off overhead lights and switching on a lamp that’s not as bright.

You can also light a few candles or hang string lights to set the mood in the evening so by bedtime you’re ready to fall asleep.

One more thing to note is that darkness is crucial for a good night’s sleep, so try to shut out as much light as possible. Blackout curtains might be a good investment if it’s bright outside your bedroom windows and be sure to close your bedroom door if there’s light out in your living area.

Stay Off Screens

You can dim your lights all you want but if you’re still looking at your bright, blue-light producing screens up until bedtime, you won’t be ready to fall asleep because your brain will still be wide awake. Try staying off your phone, tablet, and computer at least 90 minutes before bed.

If you must look at your screen devices, try turning on a yellow-orange filter like night shift mode for Apple products, and wear blue-light blocking glasses to prevent exposing your eyes to the harmful light.

Instead of watching Netflix or scrolling through Instagram before bed, try doing non-screen activities like…

  • Journaling
  • Doing a jigsaw puzzle
  • Stretching
  • Drawing or painting
  • Coloring in a coloring book
  • Doing a crossword puzzle
  • Listening to a podcast
  • Reading a traditional paper book, like your Bible!

Have a Consistent Bedtime

Studies suggest that in order to get the best sleep, you need to go to sleep at the same time every night. This will get your body into a rhythm so you can fall asleep better and wake up more refreshed. Similarly, it’s also important to wake up at the same time every morning so your body gets used to waking up at that time.

Avoid Certain Foods

The foods you eat before bed actually have a significant impact on the quality of your sleep, so here are some foods to avoid and why:

  • Protein: protein takes a lot of energy to digest, and one of the amino acids in protein promotes brain activity which will keep you up into the night
  • Dairy: avoid eating that late-night ice cream snack because the high fat content triggers a higher acid production in your stomach, leading to acid reflux or heartburn
  • Celery: yes, celery is a healthy vegetable, but avoid this food before bed unless you want to get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night
  • Spicy food: these will get your blood pumping and raise your body temperature, neither of which are conducive to a good night’s sleep

Eat Certain Foods

If you are still hungry after dinner but before bedtime, try eating these types of foods instead:

  • Protein + carbs: protein by itself might not be the best nighttime snack, but protein coupled with carbs, like almond butter with apple slices, will help stabilize your blood sugar levels for better sleep through the night
  • Bananas: these yellow fruits contain lots of magnesium which is known to be relaxing for muscles and nerves
  • Honey: just one teaspoon of honey before bed can stimulate melatonin production and shut off orexin, the hormone that makes you alert
  • Oats: grab a bowl of oatmeal or granola for a bedtime snack rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, which encourages insulin and melatonin production

Give a few of these tips a try and you will notice your sleep quality improve!


Outdoor Trip and Ice Cream Crawl of Lynchburg

August 6, 2020

Written by Maria Campanella, Facility Manager at Hydaway Outdoor Center

It is officially summer and although things have been different surrounding our world lately, we are blessed enough to still get outside. In my opinion, the perfect pairing to an outdoor activity is ice cream, so I have compiled a short list of trips near Lynchburg that I have paired with a local ice cream shop for afterwards. This is a great beginner’s guide to the outdoor activities Lynchburg has to offer and the classic ice cream places as well.

Fly Fishing & MayLynn’s

One of the first trips we took as a group was to Hunting Creek for a fly fishing trip. Many of us were beginners, so don’t worry, it can be done! If you are a complete beginner and have no idea where to start, Angler’s Lane located in Lynchburg offers guided trips for people of all experience levels. Hunting Creek is a great location to learn and experience fly fishing for the first time as well. If you want to learn more, here is a great YouTube video to get you started!

MayLynn’s Creamery is well known for being one of Lynchburg’s best! You have two locations to pick from: their truck in Boonsboro or the shop location in downtown Lynchburg. Both locations are great and have a variety of flavors and treats to choose from. I personally prefer the truck, but no matter which location you choose, you will be getting high quality ice cream after a high-quality trip and outdoor activity!

Canoe Trip & Mister Goodie’s

The James River is a perfect location to do some river canoeing! Our department recently went on a 15-mile trip down the James River, and it was truly the perfect day. I couldn’t recommend it more. There are many different access points along the James River, so you can make the trip your own and specific to your goals. Here is a great list of the different places to start and finish a trip. Also, make sure you prepare before you go by checking the water levels and ensuring the safety of the trip.

If you do not have access to a canoe, they are available to rent at Hydaway! If canoeing isn’t your cup of tea, tubing is also a great option! James River Runners offers a 3 mile river trip and provides tubes.

Just like the James River is a Lynchburg staple, Mister Goodies is just as classic. It is the perfect stop after a long day on the river, and you can find their menu here if you have never been! Not to mention, they always have some kind of special going on.

Hike & Mister Goodies (Boonsboro)

Hiking is always a good option for an outdoor activity and there are plenty to choose from around Lynchburg. One that you may not have heard of is called House Mountain. It has multiple options for views, and it is a great hike for anybody! It is a little on the challenging side and is pretty inclined most of the way up, but that means it is an easy trip down!

House Mountain is an underrated hike, just like the Mister Goodies in Boonsboro is, in my opinion, a very underrated ice cream place. They have hand scooped ice cream with rotating flavors! Their current menu can always be found on their Facebook page. Everyone I have talked to who has been here loves it, including me! 10/10 recommend.

Liberty Mountain Trail Series & Outside the Cone

This is my personal favorite. There are so many trails within the Liberty trail system that are hidden gems. Clear Cut is one of my all-time favorite trails and one of our best. However, you can’t go wrong. If you don’t have a map to our trail system, you can find one at any trail kiosk or visit our website.

Last but not least, Outside the Cone is a newer option in Wyndhurst, but it is quickly becoming a Lynchburg favorite! They are constantly coming up with new flavors, and they always make sure they have vegan/dairy-free options available. Also, their vanilla and chocolate flavors won a National Award at the NIRCA Convention in 2019!

Happy summer, get out there!

      Fun Mini Games At the Bowling Alley

      July 24, 2020

      Written by Victoria Dissmore, Marketing Employee

      It’s bowling night with your hall at the Montview Bowling Alley, and you want to do something besides a normal game. But what’s this? Your roommate has stumbled upon variations to the classic game on your lane’s bowling screen. Bowlin’ Hood? Monster Factory? Last Pin Standing? These will for sure give bowling night a refresher!

      Skill & Classic Games

      Start by asking the attendants at the desk to set up your lane as a timed game as opposed to by number of games. These special games are only available under timed mode. Once you get to your lane and input all players into the system, follow these directions:

      • Tap “Your Lane Your Way” at the top right side of the screen.
      • Choose “Skill & Classic Games” (third option down, on the left).
      • Choose which of the eight variations your group wants to play, touch the checkmark, and start bowling!

      These games are simple variations on the classic bowling game, with different scoring rules and rules on which pins to hit. For an overview of each game, read on below!


      Named because the system will insert an automatic strike in the 3rd, 6th, and 9th frames, this version will make your games faster and help you achieve a higher score.

      The 3-6-9 default frames can be changed to any other frame from the front desk. The maximum score per game for this version is 100.

      Even Better

      In this version, your goal is to only knock down an even number of pins. However, if you knock down 10, which is a strike, the system will count it as score of zero. The same goes for hitting an odd number of pins or zero pins at all, including a gutter ball.

      One ball per frame. Max score 80.

      Head Hunter

      The goal of this game is to hit the head pin on each turn—but without getting a strike. If you hit 7, 6, 5, or 4 pins, you get a bonus that converts your score to 10. If you don’t hit the head pin, or if you get a strike, the frame score is zero.

      One ball per frame. Max score 100.

      Last Pin Standing

      This game is the opposite of Head Hunter: the goal is to knock down as many pins as you can—without hitting the head pin. Your first ball must knock down pins without the head pin to get a shot at a second throw. If you leave the head pin standing after the second ball you achieve bonus points. To get a strike, hit all pins except the head pin with the first ball. If you hit the head pin with your first ball, the frame will be over, and your score will be zero! If you knock down all the pins except the head pin with the second ball, you get a spare.

      You have the potential for two balls per frame. Max score 300.

      Low Game

      This game just might be the ultimate test of skill. In this game, the system scores in reverse so the lowest score wins. Bowling your first gutter ball gives you a strike; second gutter or zero pins gives you a spare. Tip: aim for only the 7 and 10 pin.

      Two balls per frame. Best score 20.

      No Tap

      For players of differing skill levels, No Tap may be a good game selection! This setting allows a lower pin fall value to be set and count as a strike. Knock down 9 pins and the system scores a strike or choose a different value for each player (7, 8, 9, or OFF).

      Two balls per frame. Max score 300.

      Odd Duck

      This version is just like Even Better, except here your goal is to only knock down an odd number of pins. If you get a strike, an even number, a gutter ball, or zero pins, the system will count it as score of zero.

      One ball per frame. Max score 90.

      Odds & Evens

      This game is simple. Score an even number of pins and you get a strike. Roll an odd number and you get a spare.

      One ball per frame. Max score 300.

      Mad Games

      These games are a little madder than the skill games above. If you’re looking for a crazy night, try some of these games out! And don’t forget to ask at the desk to have your complimentary memento printed to take home!

      Like with the skill and classic games, you’ll have to ask the desk attendants to set up your lane as a timed game. From there

      • Go back to “Your Lane Your Way”.
      • Tap “Mad Games”.
      • Choose from the following four games:

      Bowlin’ Hood

      Throw on your feathered cap, stock up your quiver, and get ready to prove your sharp-shooting skills in this bowling-archery competition. Challenge your opponents in just 5 shots! Your archery score for each shot depends on your bowling score and skill level. Pick your starting skill level, and as you play better throughout the game, you’ll be promoted to a higher level.

      Monster Factory

      Challenge your friends to see who can build the coolest monster. Each ball you throw adds a different part to your monster, depending on your score that frame. You have five shots so make them count!

      Character Factory

      Just like Monster Factory, you and your friends can each create your own character friends! With each ball a new feature gets added to your character, depending on how many pins you knock down. Again, you get five shots!

      Battle on the Lanes

      This is the game to settle feuds. Each team gets a castle and the object of this game is to destroy the castle of the opposing team! The more pins you knock down, the more damage is done to the opponent castle. Your projectile and your power depend on your bowling score and skill level—pick your starting skill level and play well to be promoted to the next level.

      So next time you have to go to another bowling night, don’t be distressed—get excited! Tell your friends to try out one or all of these games!

          Gut Health and Why it’s Important

          May 1, 2020

          Written By Lauren Stinner, Marketing Intern

          In today’s society, we are often given a simple fix to a health problem without even considering where the problem could have originated. If you ask any doctor, they would tell you that gut health is the very foundation of how our bodies function. So now you’re probably asking yourself – “How do I get a healthy gut?” Hare some steps you can take to get your body on the right track:

          Increase Your Water Intake.

          The rule of thumb for how much water a person should consume daily is one-half to one-full ounce for every pound you weigh. For example, if a person weighs 150 lbs., they should be consuming roughly 75-150 oz. of water per day. Water is important for our bodies because it flushes out any toxins that we may be holding in, thus compromising our immune systems. Increasing your water intake is also a great way to stay hydrated in these upcoming summer months.

          Consider Taking a Probiotic.

          Probiotics are a supplement that aid in the production of “good bacteria” in the gut. Some foods that act as a great probiotic would be Greek yogurt, kombucha, and even cheddar cheese. Not only do probiotics increase the health of your gut, they also keep your body regular.

          Observe Your Current Diet.

            If you are eating high amounts of sugar and fat, you might need to reconsider your food choices. A simple meal guide to live by is 50% fruits and/or vegetables, 25% protein (meat, nuts, etc.), and 25% fiber-rich carbohydrates (avocado, lentils, etc.). Having a balanced diet of natural foods like fruits, vegetables, and meat, help keep your gut in check.

            Smoothie Recipe

            An easy way to keep your gut happy is by making smoothies with the perfect green and fiber-rich ingredients your body craves. I’m sure when you hear “detox” smoothies, you think they’re probably gross. But, we created a cinnamon berry smoothie that we think you’ll love! Check out our video here.

            Regulate Your Exercise.

              Keeping your body active can greatly impact the health of your gut. However, exercise needs to be built into your daily routine in order for it to benefit your body. Going for walks in the morning, running to your favorite playlist, or even swimming now that it’s heating up, are all great ways that exercise can become a daily ritual.

              Gut health can make a major difference in your day-to-day activities. Doctors have even found that an unhealthy gut can be linked to anxiety and depression. Not only will you have more energy if you take care of your gut, but your body will thank you in the long run. 1 Corinthians 6:20 says “You were bought at a price. Therefore, honor God with your bodies.”

                  Changing Seasons

                  April 24, 2020

                  Written By Alivia Chenoweth, Marketing Manager

                  When we take the time to sit back and reflect on our lives, we see the stages of transformation that we have gone through in different seasons in our lives. As we near the end of April and the beginning of May, a time of change is about to happen for all of us. Summer is approaching, seniors are graduating, resumes are being built, and jobs are being sought out. There’s a big looming question over so many of our heads of “What’s next?”.

                  Change is Hard

                  There is no denying that changing seasons can bring about fear, anxiety, and self-doubt. Even when we know a change is on the horizon, we never truly know how we are going to respond until we’re in the midst of it. The purpose of this blog is to shed some light on the typical habits that happen in each season and hope that this identification empowers you to understand or define your emotional tendencies.

                  Change is a natural part in each of our lives and is something that has been physiologically proven to impact each and every one of us. Our needs, desires, and behaviors are constantly changing to the natural ebb and flow of these cycles and seasons of our lives.

                  The term “Seasons” is commonly used in our culture as Liberty students—typically as a biblical term to describe the hard changes in our lives that grow us in our faith and relationship with the Lord. It can also be used to describe positive times in our lives that celebrate joys and new beginnings.

                  Seasons of Transformation

                  There is also a physiological use of “seasons” that is interesting to look at and is compared to the actual seasons that we experience here on Earth—spring, summer, fall, and winter. It is academically named “The Seasons of Transformation IQ Matrix,” and each one is linked to different ways that we are affected whether we know it or not. The following are the seasons and their definitions:

                  Summer – A season for reward, celebration, and fulfillment.

                  • Throughout this time, you may find yourself traveling, leisure, accomplishing goals and objectives, taking risks, taking proactive action, expanding your comfort zone, and thinking creatively, proactively and optimistically.

                  Autumn – A season for survival, mistakes, and problems.

                  • Throughout this time, you may find yourself avoiding responsibility, contracting your comfort zone, hesitating, thinking unrealistically, ineffectively and pessimistically.

                  Winter – A season for reflection, hibernation, and planning.

                  • During this time, you may find yourself time for finding inner peace and solitude, time for bonding with family, friends and loved ones, time for journaling thoughts and feelings, time for thinking critically, realistically, problematically and thoughtfully about Life.

                  Spring – A season for learning, opportunity and dynamic thinking.

                  • During this season, you may find yourself developing new skills, habits and social contacts, altering personal mindsets, expanding knowledge, options, and opportunities, setting goals, and thinking strategically, tactically, and insightfully

                  Self-Awareness and Growth

                    An important thing to note is that no matter what season of life you are in, these seasons continually cycle through, and a new one will approach. How we choose to handle these life transformations will grow us as a person mentally, spiritually, and physically. Having people in our lives that will constantly push us to do our best and keep us accountable is essential to healthy, well-rounded growth.

                    Something that I have found helpful to do is ask myself these three questions as I realize that change is happening in my life.

                    1. Which season am I currently experiencing?
                    2. How have the seasons I have walked through shaped my character and more specifically my relationship with the Lord?
                    3. How am I going to use this knowledge and character shift to prepare myself for the season to come?

                    If you are going through a time where you are asking yourself the big “What’s next?” question, know that this season is temporary. Maybe that internship you were banking on just got cancelled, or you are graduating and the job search keeps coming up dry. But, He works all things together for His good. You cycle through the seasons for times of learning and growth, so it is important to acknowledge that and take advantage of it as much as you can.

                    If you are heading into a new and exciting time of your life – congrats! There will be so many tough challenges ahead I am sure, but they are ones that will shape your life forever. Always make sure to have people around to keep you accountable physically, mentally, and spiritually to continue growing, and best of luck with this new stage in your life!

                    Interested in more information on The Seasons of Transformation IQ Matrix? Visit this website to learn more! https://blog.iqmatrix.com/seasons-of-transformation