Training Loft Conversion

December 2, 2022

Written by Nathaniel Hutton, Facilities Coordinator

The training loft at LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center has been a staple for high-intensity/CrossFit® style workouts. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it went through some changes beginning in the Fall of 2022, transforming the space into an all-purpose training loft with new equipment for all styles of workouts.

Rig Movement

As you make your way into the training loft, you will see that the Rogue rig is gone. No, we did not get rid of such a great piece of equipment. You can find the rig on the lower level next to the LaHaye Rock Wall. The rig located in the lower level still provides the opportunity for members to achieve that high-intensity/CrossFit® style workout. Concept 2 cardio equipment is available for members to use alongside the rig, as well as four Olympic lifting platforms, so members can perform lifts and have access to a pull-up bar within seconds. This is critical for high-intensity style workouts.

What to Look Forward to

With the rig being out of the training loft, there are many new opportunities available for members to take advantage of. Since the rig was removed, wall-mounted pull-up bars have been installed for high-intensity workouts. Cable machines are now available for members to use in the training loft, too. Finally, members can look forward to a turf section being installed for sled pushes, sled pulls, speed drills, etc.

With the recent changes, there is more space for members in the training loft to enjoy their workouts. This space provides room for potential projects in the future that members can look forward to.

High-Intensity Training

High-intensity training has been on the rise in the fitness industry in the last decade. LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center has been ahead of the trends when it comes to this style of training and has provided this option since its transformation in 2014. A large number of members enjoy CrossFit®-style training which has become popular at Liberty.

This training methodology has become so popular, that LaHaye offers a CrossFit® class within their group exercise program. CrossFit® offers a very challenging workout along with a great community to cheer you on. Come out to LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center to enjoy the new training loft and maybe go out of your comfort zone and hit a different style workout!