Ski and Snowboard Instructors


Ski: Beginner–Intermediate
Snowboard: Beginner–Advanced

Bio: I have a solid 12 years of snowboarding experience and 7 years of skiing under my belt. I began my snow sports journey right here at Snowflex, and I genuinely believe it’s the perfect place for anyone looking to learn. Whether you’re interested in intermediate skiing or snowboarding at any level, I’ve got you covered!

Ski: Beginner
Snowboard: Beginner–Intermediate

Bio: Growing up in Colorado and Idaho, I have been snowboarding since I was seven years old. Some of my greatest memories are spent in the mountains riding with friends and family. As an instructor here at Snowflex, I am very passionate about providing a similar experience for customers. Come book a lesson with me to learn the foundations of snowboarding or skiing!