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Rock Wall Programming

Climb With Us!

The LaHaye Rock Wall is open to all members of LaHaye Rec & Fit. There is no age limit for climbing the tower, however, children under the age of 13 will not be able to participate in bouldering. All parents are required to sign an additional AOR form for their children to climb. The LaHaye Rock Wall is currently utilizing a reservation system to create a safe environment for all participants.

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Star Chaser Competition

Join us in daily challenges at the wall all week long! Climb our 1, 2, 3, or 4-star routes to see if you can chase the most stars and place and win a prize. New routes added at the beginning of the week with new challenges daily, and anyone is welcome to join at any point in the week.

Location | LaHaye Rock Wall
Date | April 19-23
Cost | $5
Prize Pool | $200

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Top Rope
Lead Climbing
Route Cleaning
Train Hard Tuesday

Bouldering Class

Join us at the LaHaye Rock Wall for our Bouldering class! Bouldering consists of short, low routes that will train strength and power while learning proper body movement techniques. All levels are welcome. Class sign-ups and additional information is available at the LaHaye
Rock Wall front desk.

Top Rope Class

Interested in learning more about how to belay and top rope climb at the LaHaye Rock Wall? Join us for our Top Rope class. You will learn valuable skills that will ensure you are climbing and belaying safely and effectively. All levels are welcome. Class sign-ups and additional information is available at the LaHaye Rock Wall front desk.

Lead Climbing Class

Lead Climbing is climbing without the use of pre-set belays. One person (the leader) will start the climb carrying one end of the rope and will gradually attach it to additional anchors as he/she climbs, thereby establishing a belay system that progresses with the climb. Class sign-ups and additional information is available at the LaHaye Rock Wall front desk.

Lead Climbing Basics, Belay Techniques, Climbing and Clipping, and Practice are all covered in the four day course. *Must attend all class dates to complete the course.

Prerequisites: Intermediate to Expert level class; all must first attend Top Rope and Bouldering class, as well as pass the LaHaye Rock Wall Belay Test to take this course.

Route Cleaning Class

This class is set up for those that want to take their skills as a route climber outdoors. Cleaning is the process of removing your gear from a route that you have climbed. On outdoor routes, quickdraws and anchors are not pre-established, so you need to set your own equipment and then remove it after you are finished. We are going to teach you the proper way to remove (clean) your equipment off a route. This is not something that needs to be done in an indoor gym but it is great to learn in a safe indoor setting. Lead experience is required.

Prerequisites: Top rope, boulder and lead class or be currently certified in top rope and lead climbing at the LaHaye Rock Wall.

Train Hard Tuesday

Circuit training that is designed and catered to improve rock climbing-specific strength and movements. We set up a few circuits that incorporate full-body exercise while having a main focus on climbing-specific areas such as Grip strength and Shoulder stabilization. Come join us for an hour of high-intensity training that will get you fit and improve your climbing. Sign-ups and additional information are available at the LaHaye Rock Wall front desk.