Liberty’s Climbing Community

March 23, 2023

Written by Julie Rogers, Rock Wall Manager

The climbing community across the country has a reputation of being friendly and engaging to newcomers. The community at Liberty’s rock wall is no exception to that statement. At the LaHaye Rock Wall you will find a variety of students with different majors and interests all coming together to enjoy one hobby. The rock wall is a wonderful place to get involved and interact with a unique mixture of the Liberty student population. This spring semester we have many events and ways to be involved.

First Time at the Rock Wall?

When visiting a new place or trying out an activity for the first time ever, there are always fears of the unknown in not knowing what to expect. Hopefully this information will answer some questions for any newcomers. When arriving at the rock wall you will be greeted by our amazing staff members at our equipment checkout desk. They will direct you to swipe in your flames pass and ask you what kind of climbing you are looking to partake in. We have the options of bouldering (which does not require a harness) and route climbing on the tower (which requires the use of our auto belay systems). All climbing shoes and harnesses are free for students. We are more than happy to explain these options to you and give you a run down on how climbing traditionally works if you’re a first time climber.

Ways to Get Involved

So, maybe you have been at the rock wall a few times, you have climbing experience prior to Liberty, or maybe you are a regular visitor at our rock wall. We have a variety of classes and events offered throughout the school year aimed to build community and provide opportunities for students to grow in climbing ability and knowledge. Each semester we host one large single day climbing competition and one weeklong event.

We also offer free classes for students to learn how to top rope belay, boulder, clean routes, and lead climb. At other gyms, these classes come at a cost, but here, students have the opportunity to learn and become certified for free.

New Things Coming to the Rock Wall

This upcoming spring semester, we are joining with Campus Recreation Outdoor Adventure to provide an outdoor bouldering day trip for students. We are very excited to bring this trip back as an event that we offer with our rock wall team. This trip will help bridge indoor and outdoor climbing knowledge and show students how to boulder safely outdoors.

Campus Recreation will also be adding a new rock wall specific challenge. This challenge will require students to visit the wall a certain number of times in the semester, take part in one of our climbing events, and become certified in top rope belaying. Students who complete this challenge will receive an exclusive LaHaye Rock Wall apparel item.