Montview Game Room

The Montview Game Room is a free facility for Liberty students, faculty, and staff. The Montview Game Room offers board games, video games, pool cues, paddles, and other equipment for checkout.

Our Facility


  • 3 Ping-Pong Tables
  • Equipment available for check-out


  • 4 Billiard Tables
  • Equipment available for check-out

    Video Games

    • PS4
    • PS5
    • Xbox
    • Nintendo Switch
    • Nintendo (Classic Edition)
    • Super Nintendo (Classic Edition)

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    • 1 Foosball Table
    • Equipment available for check-out

    Air Hockey

    • 1 Air Hockey Table
    • Equipment available for check-out

    Is food allowed in the Game Room?

    • Yes, food is allowed, but all guests must be courteous of others and clean up after themselves.

    Do I have to swipe in if I’m not going to play a game?

    • Yes, anyone who enters the Montview Game Room must swipe in at the front desk.

    Can I play my own open-air music?

    • As a courtesy to other guests, no one is allowed to play open-air music, but guests are more than welcome to play music through headphones. We are looking to add speakers to play music throughout the Game Room and enhance the overall experience.

    How do I request a game is added to the Game Room?

    • We love hearing your feedback! Please fill out a Montview Game Room Survey and provide your suggestions in the comments section.

    Do you have the Playstation 5 or Xbox Series X consoles yet?

    • We do not, but we hope to acquire these gaming systems as soon as we can.

    What do I do if I am experiencing issues with a game?

    • Please notify the staff member on shift, and they will assist you.