All Campus Recreation facilities are operating under adjusted hours Dec. 8–Jan. 5. Please click the button below to view our hours. Happy Holidays!

Liberty Mountain Gun Club

Dec. 8–Jan. 5 Hours

Liberty Mountain Gun Club is a full-service shooting facility open to Liberty University students, faculty, and staff.  We are located just minutes from campus and offer a number of shooting opportunities for all skill levels. Whether you have never shot a firearm before, or you are working toward an Olympic shooting medal, we have something for you. Please check out each range within the facility and join us to develop your skills.



It is crucial for patrons to know and understand our rules & regulations before shooting on our ranges.

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At LMGC, safety is our main priority. Our Range Safety Officers are present at each facility to educate new users and ensure shooters are practicing the four main safety rules.

Lodge & Classrooms

Our beautiful lodge is located at the Shotgun Range and houses a classroom used for our Safety & Concealed Carry Classes and Academic Courses.

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Pistol Range

LMGC offers a broad array of shooting opportunities on our pistol range.  With the capability to engage steel and paper targets at various distances, the range offers a challenge to everyone regardless of experience. For new shooters, experienced and well-trained Range Safety Officers (RSOs) are on hand to provide both safety and guidance.


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Rifle Range

With ten bays, ranging from 100 to 300 yards, rifle shooters have an opportunity to shoot both steel and paper targets at each range.  Any .22 caliber rifle will also be able to shoot targets at 50 yards.  Knowledgeable Range Safety Officers will be available to assist and provide safety for all rifle range shooters.


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Shotgun Range

LMGC offers one of the nicest shotgun facilities on the east coast.  Shooters can try their hand at both American Skeet and Trap, as well as two nine trap 5-stand fields.  And for those with a bit more skill, International Skeet and Bunker Trap (International Trap) is also available.


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Archery Range

Our Archery Range provides opportunities for students, faculty, and staff to come and develop their archery skills.  A large area with field targets provides Olympic-style shooters a place to practice, and the 10 lane 3-D range will challenge 3-D shooters and those wanting to hone their hunting skills.  The range is open during the same hours as the shotgun range, offering access seven days a week. Currently, LMGC does not offer archery rentals. When bringing your own equipment, please keep in mind that we do not allow:

  • No broadheads (field points only)
  • No crossbows (recurve or compound bows only)


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Shotgun Range: Sporting Clay Course

Hone your existing shotgun shooting abilities! Our 12 station, 100 shot Sporting Clay Course, provides shooters with the chance to spend a few hours with LMGC staff utilizing established shotgun skills.  This is for individuals who have shooting experience and are looking to further develop their skills.

As this is more advanced shooting that requires fundamental abilities and some stamina, there will be a prerequisite that, before registration, shooters must come to the range and demonstrate safe firearms handling and clay shooting ability on one of our 5-stands.

  • Course length is 2.5 hours with a full squad (4-5 people) or 1.5 hours for 2-3 people.
  • Pricing includes course transportation as well as assistance by LMGC staff
  • The range is remote with no restrooms or food/water, so please plan accordingly
  • For availability, please email


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Who is allowed to shoot at Liberty Mountain Gun Club?

  • Liberty Mountain Gun Club is open to current students, faculty, and staff of Liberty University. These individuals are allowed to bring two immediate family members as guests. LMGC is not open to the general public or alumni.

What should I expect when I visit Liberty Mountain Gun Club?

  • All patrons must bring their Flames Pass as a form of identification and check-in at either the rifle/pistol building or shotgun lodge. During your first visit, you will watch a Safety Video and fill out an Assumption of Risk Form before heading onto any range. Eye and ear protection are required on the ranges while firearms are in use and must be put on before entering that range.

Are there dress requirements at Liberty Mountain Gun Club?

  • Close-toed shoes are required at all times on any of the ranges at LMGC. We also highly recommend you wear a crewneck shirt or a top that fits snugly around your neckline to help prevent hot brass casings from getting inside your clothing.

How do I register for Safety & Concealed Carry Courses?

  • Registration for courses can be found on the LMGC Programs page. The General Firearms Safety Course is a pre-requisite for the other 4 courses offered. Academic courses are also available and can be found in ASIST.

Can I buy ammunition at LMGC?

  • A restricted amount of ammunition is available for use at LMGC only. 9mm, .223, .22, and shotgun ammunition is available. Restrictions are subject to availability due to ammunition shortage. Contact the range via phone for current availability and restrictions.

What firearms are available at LMGC?

  • We offer various rental firearms to be used during your time at LMGC. At the Rifle and Pistol Ranges, we have Ruger 10/22 rifles and Ruger Mark IV 22/45 pistols. At the Shotgun Range, we have Beretta 12 & 20 gauge over-under shotguns.