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Tales from the Lodge: Part 2

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January 12, 2023

Written by Pearson Bonnett, Assistant Director of Lodge Operations

The Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre sees a large variety of patrons including Liberty University students, avid skiers or snowboarders, and the many families of the Lynchburg area. While most of our guests are focused on our various winter activities, it’s always a pleasure to see conversations arise from the multitude of animals in the Barrick-Falwell Lodge.
A Small Recap
As mentioned in the previous Tales from the Lodge blog, Dr. Barrick was a supporter of Liberty’s mission from the beginning and was a good friend of Dr. Falwell. Dr. Barrick has three children who went on to become LU Alumni, which speaks to the Barrick family’s support of LU. He served in the Air Force as a dentist for 7 years, before running his own private practice for 26 years. Dr. Barrick has spent time on both sides of the United States, being stationed in Maine for 2 years before transferring over to Alaska. Dr. Barrick has a passion for hunting, and he generously donated a large portion of his collection to be displayed in the Lodge.
In the previous Tales from the Lodge post, I had the pleasure of recounting the story of the Standing … Read More

DIY Easter Sunrise Hike


January 9, 2023

Written by Katy Ward & Kyle Upson

What could be a better way to celebrate our Risen Christ than to watch His sun rise to begin your Easter day? We believe this Sunrise Hike will help to start your day off in the right mindset, setting your mind on God and His creation.
Cole Mountain is about an hour from campus and with it’s short, relatively easy climb and beautiful scenery it is one of the more popular hikes in the Liberty community, but around holidays, the crowds are not as frequent, making this hike a peaceful one to enjoy by yourself or a few close friends.
At only a 2-mile loop, this hike is an easy one to do first thing in the day and still have plenty of time for anything else you have planned. Follow this itinerary for a step-by-step timeline:

04:30am – Leave campus
05:30am – Arrive at the base of Cole Mountain
05:45am – Begin hike to summit
06:30am – Reach Cole Mountain open field

Find a good spot with a good view and relax for a bit

06:44am – Sunrise
06:45am – Do a devotional or spend time in prayer

We have provided a devotional below if you would like to use that one

07:30am – Depart … Read More

Montview Arcade


December 15, 2022

Written by Lincoln Miller, Montview Recreation Manager

When thinking about the Montview Bowling Alley, what comes to your mind is likely billiard tables, some televisions to watch sports games, and, of course, bowling. While in the past these were the only things that were available to do, that is no longer the case.
Arcade Machines
Montview Bowling Alley has recently made an addition of two arcade machines in the back corner of the alley. These machines each are free for all customers to play and hold about twenty games on each of them. The games on those machines consist of traditional games, such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, or Galactica. There are also lesser-known games available such as Bubble, Side Kick, and Gunsmoke. While you may be unfamiliar with them, I encourage you to give these fun, retro games a try!
History of Arcade Machines
In the late 70’s, arcades were the place to be. The first thought that comes to mind when a person thinks of arcades is likely dimly lit rooms in places like Chucky Cheeses or Dave & Busters. But while these rooms may have been dimly lit, that was hardly a drawback for the kids who inhabited them. The first … Read More

Training Loft Conversion

Campus Rec Facilities

Fitness and Sports

December 2, 2022

Written by Nathaniel Hutton, Facilities Coordinator

The training loft at LaHaye Recreation & Fitness Center has been a staple for high-intensity/CrossFit® style workouts. Due to unforeseen circumstances, it went through some changes beginning in the Fall of 2022, transforming the space into an all-purpose training loft with new equipment for all styles of workouts.
Rig Movement
As you make your way into the training loft, you will see that the Rogue rig is gone. No, we did not get rid of such a great piece of equipment. You can find the rig on the lower level next to the LaHaye Rock Wall. The rig located in the lower level still provides the opportunity for members to achieve that high-intensity/CrossFit® style workout. Concept 2 cardio equipment is available for members to use alongside the rig, as well as four Olympic lifting platforms, so members can perform lifts and have access to a pull-up bar within seconds. This is critical for high-intensity style workouts.
What to Look Forward to
With the rig being out of the training loft, there are many new opportunities available for members to take advantage of. Since the rig was removed, wall-mounted pull-up bars have been installed for high-intensity workouts. Cable machines are now … Read More

Why You Should Play Disc Golf

Fitness and Sports

Get Outside

November 11, 2022

Written by Jake Hilbish, Liberty Mountain Facilities Coordinator

I play disc golf for a lot of reasons. I mean, there are TONS of excuses to get out on one of the three disc golf courses at Liberty University. It’s affordable, it’s fun, and it’s a challenging sport to master. It can be relaxing, help you connect with friends and family, and makes a great tool to network with new people. The community is awesome and is made up of really great people. It can help you get fit, it’s easy to learn, and absolutely anyone can play it. Have I persuaded you yet?
Disc golf is a healthy recreational activity with a low entry barrier. Unlike traditional golf, there are no golf carts on most courses so you walk the whole time. Most courses in the local area are about 5,000-6,000 feet long. If you’re looking to get those steps in, this is a great way to do it. It is also a great way to care for your mental health and find peace. The sport allows me to go into nature and shift my focus away from the daily grind. I have spoken with many other players who feel the same way, … Read More

Try Something New

Fitness and Sports

October 28, 2022

Written by Kailey Bandara, Intramural Sports Coordinator

As an extremely competitive person involved in sports my whole life, I can say firsthand that I, personally, do not like doing activities I am not good at. I believe you play to win, and I always stuck to what I was good at and never branched out. But how do you get good at something you have never done? By trying something new. According to sports research, constantly introducing new and different strategies for physical activity and life skills can allow individuals to have more ‘tools’ in their toolbox to handle general life stressors. When it comes to Intramurals, trying a new sport that you have never done before could be just the thing you need this year!
Areas of Increased Interest
Two of the sports that we offer have seen a huge increase in numbers and overall interest because students have decided to get their hall on a team and try them out. The first sport is broomball. Have you ever even heard of what broomball is? It is essentially ice hockey but with a ball instead of a puck and you wear regular closed-toed shoes instead of skates! Trying not to slip while getting … Read More

Caring for Equestrian Tack and Equipment

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October 14, 2022

Written by Suzanne Flaig, Director of the Liberty Mountain Equestrian Center

In the equestrian world, “tack” is the term we give to the equipment we use on the horse for handling and riding. We most commonly think of saddles and bridles as our primary tack, but other accessories also fall into this category, like bits, girths, halters, etc. This equipment is important for the safety and enjoyment of both horse and rider, so proper care will ensure your equipment serves its duty and lasts for a while. Tack can be expensive to replace so knowing its purpose and how to care for it, will save you money down the road!
Materials Used for Tack
For saddles and bridles, leather is a popular choice. While there are sometimes synthetic materials used, leather is traditional and most common. The quality of the material used is important because tack should be well fitted to the horse and strong enough to hold the equipment in place. You would not want to be riding a 1,000-pound animal and have your equipment break mid-ride!
Why is Leather Commonly Used?
First, leather (when properly maintained) is a supple product. It has some give to it which is generally more comfortable for the horse carrying the … Read More

Life, School, Friends, Gym… How to Fit it All In

Fitness and Sports

Wellness and Lifestyle

September 30, 2022

Written by Sarah Yoder, Graphic Designer

With the hustle and bustle of everyday life, mustering up motivation and finding time in your schedule to keep up physical fitness can be quite challenging. Now try adding collegiate academics into that mix. It often seems extremely difficult, almost impossible, to keep up with everything that needs to be done, let alone get a workout and consistent exercise in. For those who are just beginning their college experience (or even students who have been in school previously) and want to learn how to balance their health and fitness while in college, below are several valuable and informative tips!
Structure a schedule, prioritize, and take it one day at a time.
While this may sound like some cheesy advice you’ve heard from your mom or teacher already, creating a prioritized schedule and focusing on what needs to get done each day truly is a game-changer. This is especially true when it comes to trying to find extra time outside of classes and homework for additional activities such as exercising, hanging out with friends, and taking care of yourself.
The amount of time you have during each day, week, and month is a known quantity. This is an extremely helpful factor when creating a schedule. It … Read More

How to Train for a Triathlon

Fitness and Sports

September 16, 2022

Written by Nikki Kilian, Fitness Coordinator

You may have heard that LaHaye Campus Recreation is hosting a Triathlon Sprint this fall, and you may be interested in participating. This race will be a mostly indoor triathlon Sprint, meaning it is shorter than a traditional triathlon. In a triathlon sprint, the total distance run is 16 miles and it is broken up into the following categories:

Swim: 750 meters (approximately 0.50 miles)
Bike: 20 kilometers (12.40 miles)
Run: 5 kilometers (3.10 miles)

Define your Why
 A strong reason behind your training will help you follow through. Training for any race is hard work physically and mentally. Not to mention, it is often a large time commitment. Define why you are training, and remind yourself of it when things get challenging.
Make a Plan
 Creating a training plan and sticking to it will also help you with consistency. When creating a training plan, it is beneficial to be realistic. If your schedule does not allow you to train every day, then prioritize 2-3 days a week for training. Another way to be realistic is by not doing too much too fast. If you have never run before, start with a goal of 0.5-1 miles and add 0.5-1 miles every week until … Read More

Something Worth Investing In

Campus Rec Facilities


September 2, 2022

Written by Hudson Rice, Lodge Operations Staff

For the last three years, I have worked at Liberty Mountain Snowflex Centre as a rental technician, and it has been among the most enriching and beneficial experiences of my life.
Professional Impact
At the most fundamental level, being a rental technician has allowed me to work with the instruments of a sport and culture I truly love. Skiing and snowboarding have been among the most important and beneficial parts of my life over the last few years, and the opportunity to familiarize myself with the literal nuts and bolts of the industry is something I am grateful for. I love teaching customers about the gear and how to use it, talking to more experienced customers about the sport, and seeing customers use my advice to improve as a rider.
The opportunity to develop a level of functional expertise with ski and snowboard equipment is especially valuable because it has applications beyond Snowflex. When riding at other mountains, I can diagnose and solve problems with my gear, which has proven quite valuable. I can talk with other riders and rental technicians with confidence, which leads to more enriching conversations and relationships.
Relational Impact
Snowflex has provided an opportunity to develop … Read More