Montview Arcade

December 15, 2022

Written by Lincoln Miller, Montview Recreation Manager

When thinking about the Montview Bowling Alley, what comes to your mind is likely billiard tables, some televisions to watch sports games, and, of course, bowling. While in the past these were the only things that were available to do, that is no longer the case.

Arcade Machines

Montview Bowling Alley has recently made an addition of two arcade machines in the back corner of the alley. These machines each are free for all customers to play and hold about twenty games on each of them. The games on those machines consist of traditional games, such as Pac Man, Donkey Kong, Mario Bros, or Galactica. There are also lesser-known games available such as Bubble, Side Kick, and Gunsmoke. While you may be unfamiliar with them, I encourage you to give these fun, retro games a try!

History of Arcade Machines

In the late 70’s, arcades were the place to be. The first thought that comes to mind when a person thinks of arcades is likely dimly lit rooms in places like Chucky Cheeses or Dave & Busters. But while these rooms may have been dimly lit, that was hardly a drawback for the kids who inhabited them. The first major game was Space Invaders, but it was not long before games like Asteroids and Pac-man came into play.

As technology advanced, there were hundreds of games to choose between. These games allowed for a shared experience between communities who could compete for high scores in various games. From driving games, to story-based games, and even pinball, there is a game for everyone to enjoy at the arcade. Some of the arcades in modern day in Japan even allow for their patrons to keep a digital thumb drive that keeps track of their progress. This allows them to save their progress in a game that they haven’t played for some time. With all the different ways to play, it’s obvious why arcades were the best way to play video games in general for many years.

Customer Feedback

The arcade machines were installed this past summer and have already received plenty of use, containing records and high scores to beat. Our hope is that guests who may experience a bowling waitlist pass the time by attempting to beat these high scores.

Customer feedback is important to us, and we are always looking to implement feedback and suggestions from our patrons. Additional games that might be added to our collection include Pop-A-Shot, pinball machines, and classic arcade games like NBA Jam, and Marvel Vs. Capcom. If you’re enjoying the arcade games at the alley or have a suggestion, please let a staff member know!

We can’t wait to see you at Montview Bowling Alley! To learn more about offerings and hours of operation, visit