What to Expect

We know that the two most important questions for families considering our online academy are “What will I learn?” and “How does it work?” We’ve created resources that answer these questions so that you can make an informed decision.




If you’re here, you’re probably trying to determine whether Liberty University Online Academy is the best fit for your family. We’re excited to show you all that our school has to offer – like quality, support, and an unwavering commitment to biblical ethics. Here you’ll find important information about your role as an LUOA parent, types of support you’ll receive from our teachers and advisors, the structure of our online courses, student and parent testimonials, and more. We want to provide you with a comprehensive overview of what the LUOA school process looks like, so you can make the choice that will most benefit you and your child(ren).


How to Enroll

Enrollment requires 7 main steps. You will only be asked to complete 2 of those steps – submitting an application and completing Financial Check-In. We will take it from there and complete the remaining steps for you! You will then be provided with the information and access your child needs to begin their coursework.




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Course Format

Our courses are designed to offer the best of a homeschool, private school, and Bible-based education all rolled into one. At LUOA, we seek to provide structured yet flexible programs that ensure your child is receiving a quality education while allowing the freedom of a customizable school schedule.


Explore some of the details of our course structure below:


Online, Multimedia-Enriched Curriculum

Self-Paced Courses with No Set Login Times

Biblical Integration and Ethics


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Curriculum Preview

As an LUOA parent, you will play an active role in your child’s education – which is why it’s important for you to know what is taught in our classes. Below you’ll find links to itemized lists of the subjects your child will study at each grade level. That way, you can see firsthand exactly what your child will be learning in our curriculum, so you can be confident that they are receiving an education of the highest quality.




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Parent Involvement

LUOA’s unique blend of homeschool and private school learning allows you, the parent, to take an active role in your child’s education – but not all alone. As the parent of an LUOA student, you have the important responsibility to help motivate your student, keep them on track with assignment due dates, and regularly check their progress throughout their courses. By participating in your child’s learning process and knowing what they are learning in their curriculum, you can make sure they are receiving an education that best fits their needs, strengthens their faith, and equips them for the future.


Your involvement in your child’s education may look different as they reach higher grade levels. A 1st grader, for instance, will require more assistance than a 12th grader. Here are some examples of what your role as an educator may look like at different levels:


Elementary School

Middle School

High School


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Teacher Involvement and Other Methods of Support

LUOA is here to partner with you as you take charge of your child’s education. We offer many different resources and staff support options so that you won’t have to go it alone in helping your child learn and thrive in school.


At LUOA, we use a 4-pronged approach to facilitate student success:


Academic Advisors

Teacher-Guided Courses

Lead Teachers

Spiritual Mentorship


Our courses are led by experienced teachers, all of whom are either licensed in their state, certified by the Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI), or hold an advanced degree in their subject area. They assess student work, leave comments on assignment submissions, and give students and families the option to request online conferences in order to receive extra support in a given class. Not only that, but they can create helpful, teacher-made videos that are designed to address questions asked by students – as well as areas where the teacher is seeing students struggle in their courses.


Students who need additional help understanding the course material can connect with subject specialists in areas such as math, science, English, and history. That way, your child can get specialized help in a particular subject and focus on specific areas of improvement.


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Student and Parent Testimonials

See what some of our current and former students and parents have to say about our program! You can also visit our Graduate Profiles page to see where some of our alumni have gone on to college, the majors they have declared, and the collegiate scholarships they’ve received.


  • “I absolutely enjoyed everything about LUOA. If I had to pick one thing, I would say that I love how the teachers care for the students and are always ready to help.”
  • “We love the freedom to do schoolwork when we want to do it, but also the structure LUOA provides us. LUOA gives us more family time!”
  • “I love that LUOA gives us so many opportunities to know God and make Him known. LUOA is home.”
  • “My 8th grade daughter is thriving with LUOA. She is self-motivated and able to use the resources provided when she needs help.”
  • “The flexibility of school fits our lifestyle, without sacrificing quality of education.”
  • “My favorite thing about LUOA was learning and interacting with the school administration, who truly cared about my success.”


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