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Explore Opportunities to Build Meaningful Community with Other Students

Our student clubs are a great way to connect with other students at LUOA! By joining a club, students will have the opportunity to build meaningful community, grow in their knowledge, and explore a fun and exciting area of interest.


All clubs meet virtually using Canvas and WebEx and are sponsored by current LUOA teachers and administration. Our clubs meet 1 hour per month on a designated afternoon or evening, and each club meets from October through May. Students are commonly given assignments to complete each month that are designed to foster conversation and build community within the clubs — which typically have around 20-25 students each. 

Check Out Some of the Exciting Clubs We Offer at LUOA

Elementary, Middle, and High School

Bible Studies

Book Clubs

Creativity Clubs

Sport Fellowship Clubs

STEM Clubs

Middle School and High School

Cooking Clubs

Science Clubs

Chess Clubs

High School

Social Media Club

Senior Class Club High School


We also offer an honors club called Beta Club.

For further descriptions of each club, follow the instructions below to go to course registration.

Register for a Student Club!

Student Clubs for the 2022-2023 Academic Year have begun! Follow the steps below to join one of our clubs that are open! We have several clubs that remain open all year so students who are new to LUOA or new to LUOA’s student life can jump in any time!


To Register:


1. Parents/Guardians, using your account, go to course registration 

2. Look up Courses for the Academy 22-23
3. In LUOA Subject Code, type or select “CLB”
4. In the start date drop-down menu, scroll to the bottom and select “clubs”
5. All available clubs will show up and you can register.


Check out some common questions about LUOA’s student clubs below. If you have additional questions, please email LUOAClubs@liberty.edu.


For further descriptions of each club, follow the instructions below to go to course registration.


Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register my student for a club?

When can I register my student for a club?

How long do clubs last?

Can I register my student for more than one club?

Who leads the clubs?

What are the requirements to join a club?

Who can sign up for a club?

Will a student get credit for being in a club?

Can a student be removed from a club?


Beta Club Information

Beta Club is an honors club that students are invited to join based on their GPA from the previous year of courses.


The National Beta Club is the largest independent, nonprofit, educational youth organization in America. It has prepared students to be leaders in their communities for more than 80 years. The mission of Beta Club is to promote the ideals of academic achievement, character, service, and leadership among middle and high school students.


Students who exhibit exemplary academic achievement and community involvement are invited to participate in a nationally recognized, merit-based organization. LUOA believes National Beta Club will allow students to showcase their unique abilities, talents, and leadership skills in a way that honors Christ and provides an excellent testimony to the community.

   Let Us Lead By Serving Others


Common Questions About Beta Club

Is Beta Club open to everyone like other student clubs?

What are the requirements of Beta Club?

What are the advantages of Beta Club membership?



All information applies to the Senior and Junior National Beta Club.

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