Liberty University Online Academy Graduation Ceremony

Highlights of Commencement 2022    

Watch the 2022 LUOA Commencement Ceremony

Want to see what happened at this year’s 2022 commencement? Check out our 2022 Graduation Facebook photo album.

Commencement 2023    

For more information concerning graduation 2023, you may refer to the Liberty University Commencement website. You can also email OnlineAcademyEvents@liberty.edu with any additional questions. In the meantime, check out some important information about graduation below.

Who is eligible to graduate?

In order for a student to qualify for participation in the graduation ceremonies, they must be considered a full-time senior by February 1 of the graduating year. For example, a student who is looking to participate in LUOA’s May 2023 commencement exercises must be considered a full-time senior by February 1, 2023. Students and parents may contact our academic advising team in order to determine if they are eligible to participate.

A Degree Completion fee of $50 will be added to your account. This fee is also for students who don’t plan on attending Commencement. This fee covers things such as your diploma, diploma covers, shipping costs, transcripts, etc., and will need to be paid prior to you receiving your Diploma or final transcript.

Graduation FAQs

When is LUOA’s graduation?

Will students taking Dual Enrollment courses or those on an AA track graduate with that specific school at Liberty University?

Who is eligible to graduate?

Is there a graduation fee?

Do I receive my diploma at graduation?

Is there a limit on how many people can attend graduation?

Where should we stay if we are planning to attend?

Who do I contact if I have more questions?

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