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Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Presented by the Office of Student Services, the Ambassador Program is designed to enhance student-doctors as leaders while serving as representatives of Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM). The ambassadors are charged to connect with prospective students and current student-doctors as a part of LUCOM’s mission to develop osteopathic professionals who have a commitment to serve one’s fellow man. The opportunities for service will occur through multiple avenues represented in each stage of the program.

Student-doctors interested in becoming an Ambassador must submit an application to the Office of Student Services, who provides oversight for the program. Applications are due at the beginning of each spring semester. Once the applications have been received, interview times are arranged.


  • Current LUCOM student-doctor or alumni
  • Good academic standing
  • Attends weekly lectures
  • Commitment of one year
  • Demonstrates strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Exhibits leadership, initiative, dependability, discipline, and enthusiasm

Student Prestige

The Ambassador Program is a highly regarded program where membership is prestigious. For this reason, a student-doctor’s engagement in such a program can be expounded upon within one’s resume as program directors and employers seek applicants who have strong leadership skills and service experience. In addition, the program will provide the student-doctors with invaluable networking opportunities and foster the development of a service mentality.

Student-doctors completing each individual stage of the program will receive a certificate of achievement and a lapel pin. Additionally, third- and fourth-year ambassadors are required to represent LUCOM at conferences and speaking engagements, travel should be coordinated by the Office of Student Services.

Student-doctors completing all four stages of the program will receive a medallion for graduation with special recognition in LUCOM’s graduation program and other publications. All ambassadors for each academic year will receive documentation of participation in the student’s file and in their Dean’s letter.