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Student and Faculty Research

LUCOM hosted its third Research Day on Jan. 7, 2022. After the impact of COVID-19 and the near-conclusion of virtual research conferences, LUCOM Research Day highlights the work of numerous LUCOM faculty and student-doctors, as well as residents and attending physicians from some of our clinical affiliates.

Featured below are detailed lists that showcase LUCOM research and scholarly activity of Liberty University osteopathic medical students and faculty, as well as undergraduate students.

LUCOM faculty are in bold font.

Active Research and Scholarly Activity Programs by LUCOM Faculty

Anthony Bauer, PhD

  • Inflammation and GI tract dysfunction
  • Post-operative ileus and Shigellosis using mouse models
  • Conceptual design, construction, and implementation of a microscopic live color imaging system to record the regulation of the colonic microvasculature

Joseph Gigliotti, PhD

  • Determining the effect of diet and exercise on liver and kidney health in mice
  • Determining the effect of diet and probiotic administration on gut microbiome and metabolic health
  • Determining the influence of steroid intermediates on the function of renal proximal tubule cells
  • Assessing healthcare provider attitude and approach to managing ankyloglossia in pediatric population

Charles Joseph, MD

  • Integrated osteopathic-neurologic examinations with musculoskeletal treatment
  • A new comprehensive Liberty Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine treatment tool
  • Utilizing timed categorical recall (naming US cities) for rapid bedside dementia screening
  • Using 3D ASL MRI to identify reduced glymphatic outflow in preclinical dementia
  • Post–concussive head injury: Is disturbance of Glymphatic flow both an indicator of injury and with normalization correlated with recovery?

Laurieanne Hemric, PhD

  • Anatomical study of abdominal arterial tree
  • Anatomical study of the upper extremity
  • Anatomical study of the lower extremity and oronasal fistula
  • Anatomical study of the abdominal cavity
  • Anatomical study of the female pelvic cavity and perineum

Carl Hoegerl, DO

  • Clinical scholarly writing and neurological disorders
  • Case reports and review articles

Yingguang Liu, PhD

  • Effect of Dolutegravir on breast cancer development
  • Effect of Decitabine on breast cancer development
  • Effect of MiR198 on cancer growth

John R. Martin, PhD

  • Characterization of serotonin receptor subtype in anterior hypothalamic/preoptic area of rat involved in cardiovascular response to the serotonin agonist DOI

Linda Mintle, PhD

  • The impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on medical students in the 2021-2022 NRMP application process
  • Skills to build resiliency in medical students.
  • Assessing harm reduction acceptance and spirituality in preclinical medical students
  • Integrating cultural sensitivity into a skills-based approach of delivering bad news
  • The effect of forgiveness and service love intervention on psychological well-being for COM students
  • Assessing stress-related eating habits of medical students during COVID 19

Shekher Mohan, PhD

  • Short and Long-term effects of opioids using a novel preclinical model of neonatal opioid withdrawal syndrome

Raena Pettitt, DO

  • Literature review in topics pertaining to family medicine.

Michael Price, PhD

  • Gene regulation of pathogenicity in the human pathogenic yeast Cryptococcus neoformans

Nicholas Rider, DO

  • Clinical data science and machine learning

Scott Severance, PhD

  • Ethics and the healthcare team: educating to build moral resilience
  • Insight into student habits and practices during medical school remediation
  • Learning to thrive: learning strategies for medical school and beyond
  • Tracking sleep and measuring the influence of sleep information on the sleep habits of first-year medical school students
  • Determining efficacy of experiential learning activities on skill acquisition and overall well-being among OMS II students

R. James Swanson, PhD

  • Mouse embryo development in the presence of condensed vapor with varying levels of nicotine and flavor

Extramural Research Grants Awarded

Peer-Reviewed Publications

Published Case Reports, Literature Reviews, and Book Chapters

Research and Scholarly Presentations