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Finding your way through the rigors and challenges of medical school and life, with meaningful professional, personal, and relational growth.

COMPASS is a co-curricular program consisting of student-faculty small groups designed to facilitate the development of the personal and professional identity of LUCOM student-doctors as they navigate the rigors and challenges of medical school and life.


The mission of COMPASS is to facilitate LUCOM student-doctors to develop their personal and professional identity utilizing biblical principles and values.


LUCOM student-doctors will examine their worldview in light of biblical principles and values. This will impact all aspects of their life, including their spiritual development and professional practice in a positive manner. This will be evident in their life goals, values, worldview, and demonstrated character.


    1. To seek to provide support for LUCOM student-doctors throughout their medical school experience.
    2. To encourage LUCOM student-doctors to pursue holistic wellness and lifestyle balance.
    3. To seek to equip LUCOM student-doctors to confidently discuss spiritual health with their patients and colleagues.
    4. To encourage LUCOM student-doctors to apply biblical principles to all of life’s endeavors, such as relationships and service to others.

OMS I – Fall Semester

Knowing Yourself
Perspectives on Failure, Disappointment, and Hope

OMS I – Spring Semester

Mission, Vision, and Action Plan
Emotional Intelligence

OMS-II Fall Semester

Strengths and Weaknesses
Appreciating Diversity
Conflict Resolution

OMS-II Spring Semester

Coping and Resilience
Faith in Medicine
Clinical Transitions
Reflection and Summary