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Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine (LUCOM) has embraced an active learning curriculum, moving away from the traditional lecture demonstration. Utilizing case based learning, small groups interactions, hands on laboratory sessions, Standardized Patient encounters, simulation cases, independent learning and interactive learning sessions that incorporate clicker based response systems and flipped classrooms; LUCOM believes that the key to successful medical practices and becoming life-long learners is knowledge of the “why” much more than the acquisition of the “what.”

LUCOM employs a dedicated full time and part time faculty, as well as, AdmissionsStudent Services, and Registrar staff; utilizes affiliations with quality medical centers, hospitals and healthcare systems; and has structured a rural/underserved medicine program to support its mission. LUCOM aims to educate and graduate osteopathic physicians who achieve high standards of academic excellence, competency, knowledge, and skills.

The design of the curriculum is based on successful integrated academic models and emphasizes professional interdisciplinary collaboration, guiding student-doctors to develop a holistic (mind, body, and spirit) osteopathic approach to medicine. We continually correlate biomedical scientific information scholarly and research methodology with clinical science, clinical skills application, and osteopathic principles and practices.

Student-doctors are exposed to clinical practices and medicine during their first year, which gives them the opportunity to prepare for the “real world” of medicine. This clinical exposure expands in the second year and the student-doctors have increased opportunity to interact with standardized patients on campus as well as be involved, under physician supervision, with real patients in the office and  hospital setting during outreach and shadowing opportunities. Onto the student-doctors’ third and fourth year, they are assigned to one of the College’s core educational sites to ensure continuity, consistency and coordination of their clinical education.

Liberty University College of Osteopathic Medicine believes that the practice of medicine should be directed toward the entirety of the patient and their personal universe and culture. Additionally, LUCOM believes that health can only be achieved by considering the requirements of the body, mind and spirit. Successful treatment of the patient primary requires the management of the patient’s needs and desires, as much as, the curing of any disease if you are to advance wellness, health, and happiness. 

Osteopathic Medicine has embraced and advanced this philosophy since it’s founding in 1874 by Dr. A.T. Still.