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Academic Calendar

2021-22 Academic Calendar

Due to unusual circumstances — such as, but not limited to, natural disasters and health and safety concerns — the course schedule and nature of curriculum delivery, learning, and assessment may need to be altered. Notice of anticipated changes will be given in advance of implementation, whenever possible. Students should make note of this calendar when scheduling personal travel plans. Dates are subject to change.

It is recommended students do not book personal travel before 5 p.m. on the last scheduled day of each semester. This will ensure that personal travel arrangements do not interfere with possible changes to the academic calendar.

Fall 2021 Semester

July 5, 2021-Jan. 2, 2022

  • July 5*
    Elective and Make-Up Rotations, OMS-IV rotations can begin
  • July 26-30
    Orientation to clinical rotations (OMS-III)
  • July 27-30
    Orientation (OMS-I)
  • Aug. 2*
    Classes and Clinical Rotations begin (OMS-I, OMS-II, OMS-III)
  • Aug. 2-4
    Orientation (OMS-II, during the lunch hour)
  • Sept. 6
    Labor Day Holiday (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • Oct. 18-22
    Fall Break (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • November 24-26
    Thanksgiving Break (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • November 29
    Classes resume
  • Dec. 17
    Last day of classes/rotations (OMS-II**, OMS-III*)
  • Dec. 20
    Last day of Fall classes (OMS-I**)

Spring 2022 Semester

Jan. 3-July 3

  • Jan. 3*
    Classes and Clinical Rotations begin (OMS-I, OMS-II, OMS-III, OMS-IV)
  • March 21-25 (tentative)
    Spring Break (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • April 18
    Easter Break (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • April 25-May 6
    Capstone OMS-III, on-site at LUCOM (OMS-III)
  • May 4-7
    Senior Week (OMS-IV attendance required)
  • May 7
    Commencement Ceremony (OMS-IV)
  • May 27
    Last day of classes (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • May 30
    Memorial Day, no OMS-I or OMS-II classes
  • June 6-July 1**
    Pre-Clerkship electives/Vacation (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • June 13
    Remediation Testing (OMS-I, OMS-II)
  • July 4*
    Clinical Rotations can begin (OMS-IV), beginning of Fall semester


*Scheduling for OMS-III and OMS-IV students is coordinated through the Office of Clinical Rotations. Students must refer to the Clinical Training Manual and to rotation site requirements for scheduled obligations and attendance requirements.

**A break is scheduled for personal time off and/or vacation for OMS-I and OMS-II students. Note: Student Progress Committee hearings are conducted during this time. Student-doctors may be required to return to campus.