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Students may request an excused absence by submitting a written request via the Excused Absence Request Form. The form requires, but is not limited to the following information; reason of absence, dates of absence, learning activity missed, etc.

The full attendance policy can be found in the Student Handbook Section 8.13. For course specifics, please consult the syllabi.

Student Handbook Section 8.13

After an Absence Form has been submitted the student will receive written approval or denial via the reviewed and returned form. You can see the status of your form at any time by returning to the form. Additionally, email notifications will be sent but may be slightly delayed.

Any questions about absences can be sent to LUCOMMedEd@liberty.edu

If a student would like to submit an excused absence request for COMPASS or Student Government Association meetings/events, please use the contact information below:

COMPASS: Dr. Kilpatrick: bkilpatrick1@liberty.edu

Student Government Association: Troy Burnett: tburnett1@liberty.edu

Absent Penalty Points

In the event that a student accrues Absent Penalty Points:

  • Absent Penalty Points in Canvas will show as two different numbers.
  • The points deducted will show as half of the percentage taken from the grade.
  • For example, if you miss 2 classes in the same course that results in a -2% loss of points for each occurrence, the Absent Penalty Points will show as -2, but the percentage taken will be -4%.


If you have questions regarding attendance or excused absence requests, reference Student Handbook Section 8.13 and email LUCOMMedEd@liberty.edu.