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Eating Mindful, Not Mindless

October 24, 2018

Alivia Chenoweth- Marketing Intern

It’s “fall ya’ll” and you know what that means. It is that time of the year where food starts becoming oh-so-good but oh-so-bad for you. The candy comes out for Halloween, the fall flavors at Starbucks are your everyday go-to, and then here comes Thanksgiving and Christmas, and let’s not even go there.

Keeping up regular exercise too in the midst of a 3-month food fest is the most important thing to be doing for your body. It helps fight diseases, it boosts moods and memory, and helps combat anxiety and depression. Plus, it just feels good to be fit.

Here are 5 ways to eat mindful, not mindless:

1. Portion control: You can still eat everything you want BUT in moderation. Yes, please treat yourself and eat those White Chocolate Pumpkin Pie M&M’s, just don’t eat the whole bag. Pay attention to the serving size on the packaging and try to follow along with that.

2. Slow down: Enjoy each bite and put your fork down while chewing, then take a drink between each bite. This gives your body enough time to trigger your brain that you are satisfied.

3. Use technology: Surprisingly, there are a lot of options to help track your calories! Apps such as MyFitnessPal are perfect as you can set goals and it helps you achieve them.

4. Plan: Plan ahead in your mind what you want to eat for the day. This way, you can pack snacks and not make unhealthy splurges on high-carb options.

5. Pay attention: Don’t eat in front of the tv or while you’re on your phone, this can lead to you losing track of how much you’ve eaten, and doesn’t give your brain a chance to realize if you are full or not.

Recreation Centers offers everything you need to complete these goals from our aerobic machines, weights, open spaces to try out your own routine, and more. When you are active, your body doesn’t crave as much junk food as it would if you don’t work out. It all starts somewhere, and fall is the perfect time to begin your fitness journey.

5 Healthy Foods on a College Budget

September 21, 2018

John Periera- Marketing Intern

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a great source of fiber and minerals that isn’t just for breakfast like all those name-brand cereals. You can either eat it plain or add some fruit for extra flavor and vitamins. Unlike most cereals, Oatmeal can keep you full for hours.

2. Eggs

Eggs are the “perfect protein”. Each egg roughly has 6 grams of protein and are perfect for being healthy on a college budget. You can do so much with eggs, it’s unbelievable. You can either eat them fried, boiled, or scrambled. Not only that, but you can add them to a salad or a sandwich. Eggs are cheap and they complement your meals immensely.

3. Brown Rice

Brown rice is a highly nutritious grain. It is good for the heart, aids digestion, and may reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, and high cholesterol. Brown rice is the purest form of rice which is why it’s high in fiber and is still intact with all its nutrients. You can get a 5lb Great Value bag of brown rice for only $3!!

4. Sweet Potatoes

Instead of buying boring, plain potatoes, buy sweet potatoes!! You can get creative with these things such as sweet potato fries (which are delicious), a baked potato, or even cinnamon mashed sweet potatoes. They are a high source of vitamin A, vitamin B6, potassium, and dietary fiber. Sweet potatoes are $0.50 a potato, what a bargain!

5. In-Season Fruits

I could eat fruit over candy any day of the week. Compared to eating a lot of candy, when I eat a lot of fruit, I actually feel good about myself. A fruit salad is cheap to make and super delicious and healthy. Depending on the time of year, certain fruits are cheapest and because it currently is the summer… that means: Melons, Berries, and Citruses. Yum! Great news, most in-season fruits are under a dollar!