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Holiday Food Strikes Again

January 3, 2019

Holiday Food Strikes Again

Gabi Mims- Marketing Employee

You’ve done it again. You’ve beaten last year’s holiday food consumption by—well, let’s just say a large margin. You’re proud of what you’ve accomplished and all the food you’ve eaten, but you know it’s time to start eating healthier.

Here are some easy tricks you can start doing at home or in your dorm that can help you get started on losing your holiday weight.

1. Don’t Beat Yourself Up

You have every right to enjoy the holidays and eat 3 pieces of pumpkin pie in one day. Your stomach might not be thanking you for it now, but don’t be upset with yourself for indulging over Christmas Break. Recognize that you can’t do that every day and move past it. You can work off the extra weight in no time!

2. Stop Snacking

Reducing your snack intake and only eating a reasonable amount of food at meal times will greatly decrease the total amount of food you eat in a day, and therefore the total calories in your diet. In addition, potato chips and holiday leftovers need to go in the trash. These definitely won’t help you get started with your goals, and it won’t help if they’re tempting you from the kitchen.

3. Get Moving

The holidays are notorious for watching cheesy Christmas movies with your family from morning to night. Sitting around on your couch is a great break from school work, but it’s not helping you work off that pumpkin pie. Even if you just take your dog for a short walk every day, your body will be thanking you for getting it moving. Your mind will get clearer, you’ll boost your metabolism, and before you know it, you can start running, lifting weights, and get going with your new year’s resolutions. After all, LaHaye Rec and Fit will be open the rest of the holidays!

Happy New Year, and happy resolutioning!