FAQ: General


What is the purpose of the diagnostic/Entrance assessment exam?

The EAE is a tool used in the admissions process to evaluate the student’s readiness for our high school math and upper level science courses


Does my student have to take the diagnostic/entrance assessment exam to enroll in the Academy?

Students in grades K-8 are not required to take the EAE unless the student is taking a high school math course.  Public, private, and partner school students with less than a 3.0 GPA are required to take the EAE. Public, private, and partner school students with a 3.0 GPA or greater, verified by a transcript, are not required to take the EAE. All homeschool students taking a high school math or upper level science must take the EAE, regardless of their GPA.


Do you offer achievement testing?

Yes. We are pleased to offer our students the Terra Nova assessment exams every Spring.


Do you know my particular state's homeschooling requirements?

No, parents are responsible to know their own state's home school laws. You may call your state homeschool organization for this information, or go to www.hslda.org.


How do LUOA students perform on achievement testing?

Students who perform well in Liberty University Online Academy curriculum will generally receive above-average scores on achievement testing.


I have just pulled my student out of a public school, what do I do now?

States have different laws regarding accredited, online private schools.  Your state may view Liberty University Online Academy as a private school or homeschool.  Your local school district will provide you with the proper documentation that they require based on your state laws.  It is also suggested to contact the Home School Legal Defense Association at www.hslda.org to find out what your state's homeschooling laws are.


What electives are available for first through eighth grades?

There are no elective options for students in K-5th grade. Our students in 6th – 8th grade do have a small selection of courses to choose from. These electives come at an additional charge. Electives are not as necessary in these grades as they are in 9th – 12th grades. Middle School Electives 


What does the Academy tuition cover?

The tuition covers the curriculum, teacher access, academic advising, record keeping and all academic services such as library access, transcripts and accreditation.


Can I enroll in Liberty University Online Academy if I live in another country?

Liberty University Online Academy offers online distance learning to students all over the world. Student work is then transmitted online for the Academy to grade and record. All a student needs is access to a computer with internet connection!


How does the Academy accommodate students who are a grade level behind in one or two of their subjects?

We handle unique academic situations on a case by case basis.  We will review records, evaluate possible assessment testing, and discuss the situation with the student’s parents to create solutions that will follow our academic policies and also be best for the child.  


Can my student also take classes outside of the Academy for credit?

Outside courses are allowed, but must be approved by the Academy and meet specific requirements.


Do you offer an official transcript for outside courses that are approved for Academy credit?

The credit will show on our transcript as a transfer credit with the school name from which the credit was transferred from, or as a "homeschool" course if the course was administered by the parent.


Will your program prepare my student for college?

Liberty University Online Academy's course of study is designed to prepare students for entrance to most universities and colleges. Due to the fact that each college or university has its own entrance requirements, the student will want to consult with the school of his or her choice in order to tailor a high school program which meets specific requirements of that institution. Look at the schools LUOA students have been accepted.  


Will the credits be accepted if my student transfers to another school?

Liberty University Online Academy's transcript is accepted by most high schools; each school can accept or reject any transfer credits. If you anticipate a transfer to a local high school in the future, we recommend contacting the high school to verify that all credits will be accepted towards graduation.


Can I get a refund if this doesn't work?

Families who elect to send their children to LUOA enter into a contractual agreement with the school; therefore, they are obligated to pay full tuition as contracted either in a monthly payment plan or full tuition payment. Should the family need to withdraw the student at any time during the school year, the LUOA Administration must approve to break their contract. If the contract is broken, the family will be charged a $50 withdrawal fee and must pay the current 30-day month tuition payment.  The obligation for future monthly tuition payments are eliminated. Families who have made full year payment will receive a prorated refund based on the last day of the month enrolled


How long does a student have to be enrolled at the Academy to receive a diploma?

Twenty-six credits are required to graduate. If your student is transferring from another school, your student will need to complete a minimum of one full year, or 5 credits, with the Academy. If your student has been homeschooled, additional credits may be required if proper documentation cannot be provided for previous coursework. Graduation Requirements


What do I do if I have been homeschooling and don't have any transcripts for my student?

If you have been a homeschooling parent you will need to provide a transcript. As you prepare your homeschooling records, you should reflect all courses completed, credits earned or hours spent, and the letter grade earned. Try to organize chosen courses according to grade level, even if it doesn't conform to the exact format or time frame of your educational process. The more recognizable you can make your transcripts, the easier it is for our guidance office to review them. Below we have provided an example of an acceptable transcript.

Sample transcript


what is LUOA's Nondiscriminatory Policy

Liberty University Online Academy admits students of any race, ethnic origin, gender, or nationality. The academy does not discriminate in employment opportunities or practices on the basis or race, ethnic origin, gender, creed, nationality, age, disability, or any other characteristic protected by law.