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Student Orientation Courses

It can be challenging to get back into the swing of school. Click the appropriate course below to help you get ready for the new year of classes.


Elementary School

ES Orientation course

Middle School

MS orientation course

High School

HS Orientation course


Students achieve the greatest academic success when they have the support of involved parents. If you have students enrolled with LUOA, use the appropriate orientation course below to help you prepare to support your student for success in online education.



Orientation Course

LUOA Affiliates

Affiliate Administrators/Facilitators

For access to our orientation course for Affiliate administrators and facilitators, please contact LUOAAffiliates@liberty.edu or call 1-866-418-8741 Opt. 4

If you want to see what our 100% online, accredited curriculum looks like, head over to our Sample Curriculum Preview page. For a full list of LUOA policies, please refer to the Student Handbook.

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