Online High School Graduation Requirements

Three Diploma Options:

  1. The Standard Diploma – enables prospective students to attend most universities, some vocational or technical schools, and community college. Students will graduate with a high school diploma from Liberty University Online Academy. Standard Diploma Graduation Requirements
  2. The Advanced Diploma – is rigorous and enables students to be somewhat more selective when choosing post-secondary education. Students will graduate with a high school diploma from Liberty University Online Academy. Advanced Diploma Graduation Requirements
  3. The Associate of Arts diploma – Upon completing high school requirements for the Standard Diploma, students in this track will be awarded an Associate Degree through Liberty University.

No matter which degree completion plan your student decides upon, he or she has the option to take Dual Enrollment courses.

Class Standing

For class standing and placement students are encouraged to meet the following requirements:

  • 9th grade – Successfully complete 8th grade
  • 10th grade – Accumulate a minimum of 7 credits
  • 11th grade – Accumulate a minimum of 13 credits
  • 12th grade – Accumulate a minimum of 19 credits; plan to graduate in the immediate year

LUOA Graduate Profiles

Check out our Graduate Profiles page to see a list of schools our students have been accepted to after graduating from LUOA.

Credits Earned Outside of the Academy

Students who would like to earn credit for a course taken outside of LUOA while enrolled full-time should follow the steps below. In order to be considered full time with LUOA, students must take at least 5 credits through the LUOA curriculum.

  • Submit the Non-Institutional Credit (NIC) form to the admissions counselor/academic advisor. Include textbooks/curriculum, scope & sequence, planned method of evaluation, instruction time, etc
  • The Director of Academic Advising will approve or deny course
  • If approved, the Director of Academic Advising will comment on expectations.
  • Upon completion, of course, include documentation (an example of written activities, graded assessments, final grades, etc.) to updated form and submit to Academic Advisor.
  • Department Chair will assess completion of paperwork and award/deny credit.
  • If awarded, the course will be added to the student’s transcript and graduation plan as a transfer credit taken outside of LUOA.

*Note: Final grade of course taken through an outside accredited institution will be included in student’s GPA. Homeschool courses will be issued a final grade of “P” on a transcript and will not affect the GPA. 

Admissions to Colleges and Universities

Students planning to pursue higher education should research the entrance requirements of the particular school they wish to attend. Many colleges and universities require the ACT or SAT examination for admission. These tests are usually offered during the spring of a student’s junior or senior year. Upon request, LUOA will send a copy of the student’s academic records to a prospective college or university. To request a transcript, contact your academic advisor. Allow three to four weeks to process requests during the summer months.

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