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Important Resources Available to Students and Parents

Here you’ll find many of the tools you’ll need during your time at Liberty University Online Academy. We want to help students and parents alike easily navigate our online learning environment, contact teachers and advisors, and prepare for success in our curriculum. Click on the links below for direct access to important LUOA resources.


Most Used Links


  • Course Registration – Access to course registration, class schedule, and Diploma Completion Plan
  • Diploma Completion Audit – Access student’s diploma completion progress previously taken courses, and review future courses for which you need to register.
  • Email – Access to student @liberty.edu email accounts
  • Account (ASIST) – Access to financial records
  • Orientation Courses – Introductory courses that all students should review before beginning the curriculum
  • ID Card – Request Your LUOA ID Card
  • Graduation Ceremony – Information on how to prepare for high school graduation
  • Graduation Requirements – An important resource for high school graduation requirements


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Liberty University Online Academy Clubs

Here at LUOA, we are more than just an online school – we also offer incredible opportunities for families and students to form a community. We have study, social, and recreational clubs where students can interact and build meaningful relationships that can last a lifetime! Check out our student clubs today!

Liberty University Online Academy Forms

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Request a Course Extension

Request a Recommendation Letter

Non-Institutional Credit Pre-approval Request

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Course or Grade Level Exemption Request

Credit Appeal Request

Student Complaint Form

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