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Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) provides a unique opportunity for students to study aviation while they’re still enrolled in high school! Through the A La Carte option of LUOA’s Dual Enrollment program, 11th- and 12th-grade students are invited to take online college courses offered by Liberty University while partnering with one of our many approved flight training affiliates across the nation. These accredited courses can award both high school and college credit and are offered at discounted prices.

Benefits of LUOA’s Aviation Program

  • Saves money – LUOA offers a tuition discount (up to 70% savings)
  • Saves time – credits can transfer into a bachelor’s degree
  • Enables students to get a jumpstart on the courses required to earn their Commercial Pilot License (CPL)
  • Allows students to work towards becoming a flight instructor or earning a multi-engine rating upon completion of CPL requirements
  • Provides students with flight hours — an R-ATP (Restricted Airline Transport Pilot) license requires 1000-1250 hours


Aviation Courses Offered Through Dual Enrollment

LUOA offers up to 28 hours of aviation (AVIA) credit through Dual Enrollment courses.* In addition to AVIA 105, an introductory course that covers


the basics of aviation, the following courses can be dual-enrolled:


Private Pilot (PPL)

AVIA 220 – Private Flight 1

  • Flight Hours: 25-30 hours
  • Flight Fee: $11,000
  • Recommended that students take 216/220 concurrently

AVIA 216 – Private Ground

AVIA 225 – Private Flight 2**

  • Flight Hours: 25-30 hours
  • Flight Fee: $4,000

Instrument Rating (IFR) 

AVIA 310 – Instrument Ground

AVIA 320 – Instrument Flight

  • Flight Hours: Minimum of 35 hours
  • Flight Fee: $13,000
  • Recommended that students take 310/320 concurrently

Other Courses

AVIA 227 – Introduction to Risk Management

AVIA 230 – Unmanned Aerial Systems

AVIA 245 – Aviation Leadership

*AVIA courses are only available for the A La Carte option of Dual Enrollment. Under this option, students are allotted up to 36 credit hours of college courses.

**Students must have a private pilot license (PPL) before enrolling in AVIA 227, AVIA 310, and AVIA 320. In addition, you are only able to fly during daylight hours.

Registration Process Recommendations

Take flight courses in full-semester terms.

  • The amount of work required is best suited for the A term unless a student lives right by the Flight Training Affiliate (FTA).

  • The 8-week schedule will often require between 3-5 different activities per week at the FTA.

  • Having enough flight instructors available to follow an 8-week schedule can sometimes be difficult.

  • Weather can sometimes affect flight schedules. Be sure you plan accordingly and fulfill your required hours.


For more information, review our Flight Training Affiliate (FTA) partners, locations, and contact information.

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