Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA) provides a unique academic experience for students to study Aviation while they’re still enrolled in high school! Through LUOA’s Dual Enrollment program, 11th and 12th-grade students are invited to take authentic online college courses as offered by Liberty University while partnering with approved affiliate programs across the nation These fully accredited courses will award both high school and college credit to the student while being offered at discounted prices. If you have questions regarding the Aviation program, please contact our admissions team at 866-418-8741.

Benefits of LUOA’s Aviation Program

  • Saves money – LUOA offers a tuition discount (up to 70% savings)
  • Saves time – Fewer credits to earn in bachelor’s track
  • Enables students to begin their Commercial Pilot (CPL) courses upon starting bachelor’s track
  • Upon receiving CPL, students can become a flight instructor or focus on multi-engine rating then they’d otherwise be earning their instrument and CPL!
  • Students will accumulate 85-95 flight hours (R-ATP requires 1000-1250 hours)

AVIA Courses Offered Through LUOA Dual Enrollment

LUOA offers up to 30 hours of AVIA through Dual Enrollment courses.

AVIA 105 – Aviation Survey
Introduction course.


Private Pilot (PPL)

AVIA 210 – Private Ground 1 

AVIA 220 – Private Flight 1
Flight Hours: 25-30 hours
Flight Fee – $9,000
Recommended that students take 210/220 concurrently

AVIA 215 – Private Ground 2

AVIA 225 – Private Flight 2
Flight Hours: 25-30 hours
Flight Fee – $5,000
Recommended that students take 215/225 concurrently

*Students must have PPL before enrolling in the classes below.

Instrument Rating (IFR) 

AVIA 310 – Instrument Ground

AVIA 320 – Instrument Flight
Flight Hours: Minimum of 35 hours
Flight Fee – $12,000
Recommended that students take 310/320 concurrently

AVIA 211 – Advanced Aviation Theory

AVIA 230 – Unmanned Aerial Systems

AVIA 245 – Aviation Leadership

Registration Process Recommendations

  • It is highly recommended that flight courses be taken in full 16-week term
    • The amount of work required is best-suited for 16-weeks unless a student is Homeschooled and/or lives right by the Flight Training Affiliate (FTA)
    • The 8-week schedule will often require between 3-5 different activities per week at the FTA
    • Having enough Flight Instructors available to do 8-week schedule can often be an issue
  • Take Private Ground I with Private Flight I
    • Students struggle with these courses when they are not paired together
  • Register Private Ground I & Private Ground II in back-to-back subterms
    • Students will forget the necessary information if these courses are separated
  • Register Instrument Ground with Instrument Flight
    • Students struggle with these courses when they are not paired together
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