Associate Degree Tracks

Earn College Credit With an Associate Degree Track!

Through our accredited, online Dual Enrollment program, students can work toward an associate degree through Liberty University Online while completing all high school coursework. By taking college courses during 11th and 12th grade, students can save both time and money on their bachelor’s degree. Each college course that a student successfully completes provides both high school and college credit that can align with an associate degree awarded by Liberty University.


What benefits are there for enrolling in an Associate Degree Track through LUOA?

When should my student get started?

What associate degrees are available?

My student is not planning to graduate high school with LUOA; do you offer part-time options?

Can my student earn college credits through Dual Enrollment but not pursue an associate degree?

Where can I view descriptions of each course?


Associate Tracks for Full-Time LUOA Students

Click on the school year below to see Degree Completion Plans effective for each year:


Please note that students must earn all college credits through Liberty University Online Academy’s Dual Enrollment program. Outside credits through CLEP or transferring from another institution must be approved by administration (max of 2 courses).


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