Associate Degree Tracks

Associate Degree Tracks

Through our accredited, online dual enrollment program, students can track toward earning an associate degree through Liberty University upon the completion of all high school coursework. As a result of taking college courses during 11th and 12th grade, students will save both time and money on their bachelor’s degree, regardless of which university they decide to attend. Each college course a student successfully completes on these tracks earns both college and high school credit and also aligns with an associate degree awarded by Liberty University.


What benefits are there for full-time students graduating with LUOA in high school?

When should my student get started?

  • This year-round, online dual enrollment program begins the summer after their 10th grade year and is completed by May of their 12th grade year. The entire program can be completed from the comfort of your own home, as all of our dual enrollment classes are online.
  • We recommend starting with LUOA in the 9th or 10th grade, even as a part-time student, so that your student can begin to experience how to be successful through an online education platform.
  • Students should follow coursework in the 9th and 10th grades as closely as possible to ensure a seamless transition into an associate track.

What Associate degrees are available?

  • LUOA offers 15 unique associate degree tracks (outlined below). The degree tracks below align with associate degrees offered by Liberty University, and they have been tailored to ensure all high school requirements are met for graduation with LUOA.
  • Click on the links below to see which track best suits the needs for your student. If you are unsure of a degree track at the bachelor’s level, we would recommend pursuing the Interdisciplinary Studies track, as it provides some flexibility in scheduling.

My student is not planning to graduate high school with LUOA; do you offer part-time options?

  • Yes! Part-time students not graduating with LUOA can still take up to 60 college credits through the Dual Enrollment program and track towards an associate degree. However, the conferral of the associate degree earned through Liberty University Online will look a bit different.
  • Your student will need to apply to Liberty University Online upon completing the courses and provide the final high school transcript. The University will then look at the completed courses and ensure that your student has met all requirements.
  • It is important to note that part-time students not graduating through LUOA are responsible to review the updated Degree Completion Plans every year (Do not follow tracks below). Because students are not actually enrolled in a degree track through the University while taking courses through LUOA’s Dual Enrollment program, the University will expect they follow current requirements. Typically, any updates on degree plans from year-to-year are minor, but it is important that part-time students review between their 11th and 12th grade years.

Can my student earn college credits through Dual Enrollment but not pursue an associate degree?

  • Absolutely! Students are able to hand-select their dual enrollment courses and earn up to 60 college credits.
  • Please review our Dual Enrollment page for more information.

Are there descriptions listed for each course?

Please click the Associate of Arts tab on the bottom of the Dual Enrollment Courses page to see a breakdown of course descriptions and pre-requisites for each track.


Associate Tracks for LUOA full-time students

Click on the school year below to see graduation plans effective for each year:



*Please note that students must earn all college credits through Liberty University Online Academy’s dual enrollment program. Outside credits through CLEP or transferring from another institution must be approved by administration (max of 2 courses).


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