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Admissions Checklist

The purpose of the Admissions Checklist is to provide the framework of an initial application submitted through the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Service (AACOMAS) up to Orientation Week.

Upon review of a submitted AACOMAS Application, a prospective student will receive a Liberty University username and identification number to log in via myLU. This identification is to be used to complete the LUCOM Supplemental Application (3rd step). Once completed, a prospective student should proceed through the Admissions Checklist.

An automated Admissions Checklist with an indication of completed steps is currently in production; until completed use the list below for reference on how to proceed.


  1. AACOMAS Application
  2. Claim Liberty University ID/Email
  3. LUCOM Secondary Application
    • Application Fee $50
    • Sign Agreements
  4.  Invitation/Schedule Interview
  5. Admission Decision


  1. Initial Deposit ($2000)
  2. Background Check
  3. Drug Screen
  4. Student Health and Physical Report
  5. Immunizations and Titers
  6. Student Authorization to Release information to Clinical Agencies
  7. Proof of Insurance
  8. Completion of the Orientation Module and attendance at Orientation and its related sessions and activities. Failure to attend could result in dismissal.
  9. Financial Check-in
  10. Applicants must submit official final transcript from colleges/universities attended, which were not previously submitted and verified through AACOMAS. In the event of course work, completed at foreign institutions, the applicant must submit official detailed course by course evaluations completed by an approved agency. These agencies include:
    1. World Education Services, Inc., (212) 966-6311
    2. AACRAO, (202) 296-3359
    3. Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc., (414) 289-3400
    4. Josef Silny & Associates, Inc.. (305) 273-1616
  11. Any other requirements set forth in the matriculation agreement.


  1. Flames Pass
  2. Media Release (given during Orientation)
  3. Orientation Week
  4. White Coat Ceremony

Letter of Recommendation is required from each of the following:

  • A board-certified physician, either a DO or an MD
  • A science faculty member or pre-health advisor, or committee
  • A pastor, outreach coordinator, or employer

All letters of recommendation must be originals on professional or college/university letterhead, signed by the evaluator and submitted electronically through LiaisonInterfolio, or Virtual Eval. LUCOM will not accept letters from family members related by blood or through marriage. Read information about the application process.

Should you experience technical difficulties logging into your Liberty University account, please communicate with the LU Helpdesk by calling toll-free (866) 447-2869. Be sure to include your LU username and identification number.