5 Self-Care Strategies to Beat The Winter Blues

January 17, 2019

Lindsey Haithcock- Marketing Employee

The cold-weather months can take a toll on your mental health, so it’s extremely important to carve out time for yourself. The days are shorter and the weather is colder. The holidays are over, and suddenly it feels like an eternity until the next break or warm weather. While some of us enjoy the aspects of spring, summer, and fall, winter just seems to be more of “love it or hate it” season. Whether you’re managing seasonal depression, or new-semester stresses, effective self-care strategies to get you through the winter months can make all the differences in how you feel as the months drag on.

Here are 5 winter self-care strategies to help to get you through these ever-so-frosty winter months:

1. Get some sun!

Getting outside is important all year, but especially during the winter months. Vitamin D is crucial for the health of our bones. The lack of sunlight can also negatively affect your mood. Pushing yourself to layer up and go for a run outside, a walk, vitamin D supplements, or even buying special lights for your dorm / apartment can make all the difference.

2. Leave the house

Going to the gym can help you connect with others while also boosting your health on several levels. Exercise is amazing for your body – it helps combat stress, and it gets you out when you’re feeling tempted to lay in bed and watch another episode of that show on Netflix. Getting to the gym may be a challenge, but we have so many options to get you active and motivated – check out our workshops!

3. Create!

Use the inclement weather and early nights to start a new hobby. Try something you’ve been wanting to try, or enjoy time to yourself. Creating something by yourself or with friends is proven to boost your mood, decreases feelings of loneliness, and improves your overall sense of well-being. Do something you’re passionate about. Invite some friends over to paint, go on a photoshoot, whatever you like to do – do that.

4. Swap comfort foods for wholesome foods

When winter leaves us feeling low in energy and mood, it can be tempting to turn to comfort food, only to feel worse later on. If this applies to you, notice what you’re craving and dig deeper: what is the true need underneath this feeling? While some foods can be coping strategies, other kinds can be genuine self-care. Make time to nourish yourself from the inside out, and help your immune system fight off the colds and flu that surround this time of year.

5. Get comfortable!

Whatever self-care means to you – do that. Read a book, buy new fuzzy socks or a new blanket, light a candle, listen to your favorite songs – Insert your favorite way to take care of your physical and metal wellness here. Maybe get a few indoor plants to remind yourself that nature will bloom again soon.

You’ve got this!