Tuition, Fees, and Deposits

Tuition and fees are set each year by the Liberty University Board of Trustees for the College of Osteopathic Medicine and are subject to change.

Admission Deposits

First Deposit $500
Second Deposit $1,500

Note: All deposits will count as a credit towards charges in the first term.

Tuition and Fees, Class of 2014-2015

Tuition Annualized $40,000/year

  Per Trimester* Annually
LUCOM Tuition (2014-2015)*   $14,545  
Liberty University (LU) Fees    
LU Technology Fee    $250  
LU Student Activity Fee    $235   
LU Parking Fee     $30
LUCOM Fees    
Anatomy, Clinical Medicine, SIM Lab Fee     $500
Student Activity Fee     $300
Student Health Fee
Includes record keeping, flu shot, TB evaluation, and disability insurance

Malpractice Insurance Fee      $250
LUCOM One-Time Fees    
Computer/Equipment Fee (1st Year Only)
Includes computer, LUCOM required software, and clicker


Graduation Fee (Senior Year Only)     $750

* Tuition of $40,000 per year for 2014-2015 class is distributed evenly over LUCOM’s eleven trimesters, thus is not equal each year since only two trimesters are paid in OMS-4 year.