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Here at Liberty University Online Academy (LUOA), we’re excited to partner with you and your student in the pursuit of a 100% online, quality education. Our goal is to provide rigorous, engaging, and biblically based courses that are designed to help students gain essential skills for success in school — and in life.


In addition to offering a top-notch curriculum, we seek to uphold certain key values and help our students flourish — which we do by teaching from a biblical worldview, providing spiritual mentorship and encouragement, and equipping students to impact the world for Christ.


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The Home and Parental Partnership

LUOA believes a child’s education is the God-given responsibility of parents, as taught in the Bible. We exist to help Christian parents fulfill this responsibility by educating and equipping their children according to the teachings of Scripture and by providing godly role models. Therefore, LUOA is in partnership with parents, delivering proven educational materials through modern technology and allowing families to receive expert instruction and support, no matter where they live.


The Nature of the Student

LUOA embraces the biblical teaching that mankind is created uniquely in the image of God and that man is a spiritual, physical, and social being; therefore, we place emphasis on the whole child. At the same time, LUOA recognizes that, due to man’s fallen, sinful nature, discipline is needed to train the will and to build redeeming character, appropriate behavior, and good habits in the student. In the apostle Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians, he identifies mankind as individuals who are unique and who possess special talents and abilities. Acknowledging these differences, LUOA teachers will attempt to reach and teach each individual student according to his or her academic and spiritual gifts. LUOA’s individualizing process meets grade-level standards while providing each student with appropriate learning tasks at appropriate times.


The Learning Process

An integral part of the LUOA learning process is the ongoing conversations between the student and their adult-guide. Feedback from these sessions helps the school to devise a personalized learning plan that can be adjusted as needed. With a regular flow of communication between students, parents, and the school, students can correct, apply, and broaden what they have learned. Moreover, these contacts provide checkpoints at which teachers can provide consultation, guidance, motivation, and/or instruction about an application and share thoughts and ideas.


The Role of the Teacher

In this view of the learning process, education is modeled as well as taught. Personalized instruction brings to life the things that ought to be learned. The parents and teachers act as models that personify life’s challenges and help to bring about learning. They are motivators who encourage. They are guides who help lead and direct students to a transformed life. From a distance, Academy teachers fill this role and help parents to understand and fill their roles. Thus, the LUOA teacher does not replace but rather augments the education the student receives at home.

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