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LUOA can help any school expand its course offerings with middle school and high school electives, summer courses, credit recovery, and Dual Enrollment. Furthermore, there are hundreds of K-8 Christian schools across the country that are unable to afford the cost of adding a high school option for their students. Partnering with Liberty University Online Academy is a simple and cost-effective option. As long your school has the facilities, LUOA can provide the curriculum, lesson planning, certified teachers, advisors, and an accredited diploma option.

Whether you have one high school student or 100, LUOA is prepared to help them succeed! 

To learn more about how your organization can partner with Liberty University Online Academy, please call us at (866) 418-8741 or email LUOAAffiliates@liberty.edu.

Our Affiliate Program

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If you want to adopt a blended-learning model, offer LUOA courses to your students, charge the rates you desire, and take advantage of free marketing opportunities, the LUOA Affiliate program may be for you!

Here are some of the current models that different schools have adopted:

  • Added electives
  • After-school programs
  • Associate degree programs
  • College prep courses
  • Credit recovery options
  • Full-time studies
  • High school diplomas
  • Part-time studies
  • Summer school

Whichever model you choose to implement or create, you can be confident that your students are receiving a world-class education.

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