Online Homeschool Curriculum Preview

K-12 Online Homeschool Classes Curriculum

Curious about what our 100% online, accredited curriculum looks like, and how it all works? Be sure to visit our curriculum page for more detail, but as an overview, our standard curriculum is asynchronous (not live). However, we do offer a select number of enhanced classes (for start dates in August and September) that include a weekly live session hosted by the teacher. Our curriculum typically requires one hour per class, per day; so, for a student taking five classes, he or she will most likely spend five hours a day doing schoolwork. With that, have a look at some of our classes to see how it all works!*


Kindergarten Literacy Preview

Kindergarten Bible

1st Grade Literacy Preview

1st Grade Math

2nd Grade Language Arts Preview

2nd Grade Science

4th Grade History

4th Grade Bible

5th Grade History

5th Grade Language Arts Preview

6th Grade Bible Preview

6th Grade History and Geography

6th – 12th Grade Math Preview

8th Grade Language Arts Preview

8th Grade Science Preview

10th Grade English Preview

America’s Colonial Foundations Preview

Apologetics Preview

Biology Preview

Boy’s PE Preview

Creationeering and Engineering Preview

Spanish I Preview

World Geography Preview


*Note: the preview courses above do not include the full course content, such as assessments.


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