SCI1000: Biology

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 10/11/2023

Course Description

In this year-long course, students study living organisms and their place in the created world. Students review foundational science concepts, molecular and cell biology, cell processes, DNA, and genetics. Students compare various living organisms in a survey of classification and kingdoms, including microbiology. Additional units of study include biomes, ecosystems, and the balance of God’s created world and man’s responsibility to steward it well. The final section of the course introduces the major systems of the human body, God’s perfect creation. Students engage with lab activities and demonstrations supporting the lessons and research and write on various assigned topics. Students analyze the contrasting beliefs of a secular view of science and the scriptural truth of Creation to determine how nature and life align with God’s creation and sustaining presence.




Module 1: Introduction to Biology

  • Week 1: Course Expectations
  • Week 2: Graphing
  • Week 3: Life

Module 2: Molecular Biology

  • Week 4: Matter and Biomolecules
  • Week 5: Biomolecules, Enzymes, pH

Module 3: Cell Biology

  • Week 6: Cell Basics
  • Week 7: Cell Membrane, Transport, and Photosynthesis
  • Week 8: Respiration
  • Week 9: Review and Test

Module 4: The Cell Cycle & DNA

  • Week 10: Cells and Area
  • Week 11: DNA and RNA
  • Week 12: How DNA is Used

Module 5: Heredity

  • Week 13: Meiosis, Probability, and Mendel
  • Week 14: Punnett Squares

Module 6: Human Genetics

  • Week 15: Human Genetics
  • Week 16: Disorders and Pedigrees
  • Week 17: Let’s Write a Paper
  • Week 18: Review & 2nd Quarter Test

Module 7: Classification and Kingdoms

  • Week 19: Classification
  • Week 20: Microbiology
  • Week 21: Protists and Fungi

Module 8: Plant Kingdom

  • Week 22: What is a Plant?
  • Week 23: Plant Physiology & Agriculture

Module 9: Animal Kingdom

  • Week 24: Animals with Simple Body Plans
  • Week 25: They Don’t Have a Backbone
  • Week 26: What a Difference a Backbone Makes
  • Week 27: Quiz Module 9 & 3rd Quarter Test

Module 10: Ecology

  • Week 28: Big Pictures of Ecosystems
  • Week 29: Details of Ecosystems
  • Week 30: Water Biomes and Our Part for the Earth

Module 11: Human Anatomy

  • Week 31: Anatomy Part 1
  • Week 32: Anatomy Part 2

Module 12: Creation and Evolution

  • Week 33: Types of Evolution
  • Week 34: What is Truth?
  • Week 35: Different Worldviews
  • Week 36: 4th Quarter Review & Test

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