SCI0600: 6th Grade Science

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 10/11/2023

Course Description

This year-long course allows students to investigate various science topics using interactive and engaging activities and lessons. Emphasis is placed on the student developing an understanding of Creation and God’s order for the world to cultivate a biblical worldview of “science” itself. Students will explore a wide range of topics which include nature, the scientific method and critical thinking, matter, water and the water cycle, the Earth, its surface and its atmosphere, biomes, natural resources, and the universe and solar systems. Students develop foundational science skills such as using the scientific method, measurements, and graphing. Through creating models and simulations, the students can apply science concepts to their daily lives.




Module 1: Creation & the Universe 

  • Week 1: Creation & Origins of the Earth 
  • Week 2: Creation & Origins of the Earth 
  • Week 3: Module 1 Review & Test

Module 2: Science

  • Week 4: The Nature of Science and its Method
  • Week 5: Experimental Components 
  • Week 6: Module 2 Review and Test

Module 3: Matter

  • Week 7: Atoms
  • Week 8: Compounds, Bonds, and Chemical Equations
  • Week 9: Rock Candy Lab and Test

Module 4: Earth’s Surface

  • Week 10: Earth’s Geographic Spheres 
  • Week 11: Earth’s Weathering, Part 1 
  • Week 12: Earth’s Weathering, Part 2, Soil, and Test

Module 5: Atmosphere

  • Week 13: Atmosphere Introduction 
  • Week 14: Heat in the Atmosphere 
  • Week 15: Atmospheric Wind and Test

Module 6: Weather

  • Week 16: Weather Introduction and Clouds 
  • Week 17: Weather Influences and Severe Weather
  • Week 18: Climate Change and Test

Module 7: Water

  • Week 19: Characteristics of Water 
  • Week 20: Groups of Water
  • Week 21: Watersheds and Test

Module 8: Earth’s Resources

  • Week 22: Resources
  • Week 23: Renewable and Non-renewable Resources
  • Week 24: Managing Resources and Test

Module 9: Society’s Impact on Earth’s Resources

  • Week 25: Society’s Impact on Water 
  • Week 26: Society’s Impact on Soil
  • Week 27: Society’s Impact on Air and Test

Module 10: Earth, Moon, & Sun Relationship

  • Week 28: Tilt and Seasons of the Earth 
  • Week 29: Characteristics of the Moon 
  • Week 30: Tides and Test

Module 11: Solar System 

  • Week 31: Gravity and the Sun 
  • Week 32: Inner Planets
  • Week 33: Outer Planets and Test

Module 12: Space Exploration

  • Week 34: Dwarf Planets and Astronomical Objects
  • Week 35: Models of the Solar System 
  • Week 36: Satellites and Test

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