MAT2000: Consumer Math

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This year-long course covers topics related to basic mathematical skills and then directs the student to apply those skills in real-life situations and problems. The student will review basic skills related to math operations and properties. The student will learn how to apply math in a variety of ways in order to be a better-educated and informed consumer. The course includes a survey of basic financial practices and computations that correlate to business and personal money management. The student will learn biblical stewardship and principles of generosity throughout the course.




Module 1: Basic Math Review

  • Week 1: Basic Adding and Subtracting 
  • Week 2: Decimal Numbers, Estimating and Comparing Numbers
  • Week 3: Addition and Multiplication Properties and Fractions
  • Week 4: More on Fractions and Decimals

Module 2: Personal Financial Literacy

  • Week 5: Time Management
  • Week 6: Wages, Income, Expenses, Jobs, and Careers
  • Week 7: Budgets, Personal Accounting, and Taxes
  • Week 8: Recreation and Retirement

Module 3: Financial Institutions, Credit Basics, and Managing Debt

  • Week 9: Financial Institutions and their Services
  • Week 10: Credit and Being Responsible with Debt
  • Week 11: Credit Management and Biblical Ideas about Debt
  • Week 12: Consumer Rights and Responsibilities

Module 4: Survey of Insurance and Investment

  • Week 13: Basics of Insurance 
  • Week 14: More on Insurance 
  • Week 15: Saving and Investing

Module 5: Math and Retail Sales

  • Week 16: Retail, Pricing, and Percent 
  • Week 17: Business Math
  • Week 18: Project Quiz, Test, and Semester Exam

Module 6: Ratios, Proportions, Unit Rate, and Cost Analysis

  • Week 19: Ratios and Rates 
  • Week 20: Proportions
  • Week 21: Scale Factor, Unit Scale, and Scale Drawings

Module 7: Math in the Workplace

  • Week 22: Standard Units of Measure 
  • Week 23: Measurement and Conversions 
  • Week 24: Construction Math
  • Week 25: More on Construction and Simple Machines
  • Week 26: Real Estate and Homeowners

Module 8: Data Analysis and Statistics

  • Week 27: Data and Deviations 
  • Week 28: Representing Data
  • Week 29: Representing Data (continued) 
  • Week 30: Data Analysis, Graphs, and Misleading Data

Module 9: Geometry and Trigonometry

  • Week 31: Geometry, Angles, and Triangles 
  • Week 32: Triangles, Quadrilaterals, and Polygons
  • Week 33: Two and Three Dimensional Objects
  • Week 34: Functions, Equations, and Slope

Module 10: Jobs, Leisure, Retirement, and Travel

  • Week 35: Retirement
  • Week 36: Social Security, Benefits, and Assessment

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