MAT1400: Computer Mathematics

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This year-long project-based course helps students understand the programming and logic behind computers and software. All assignments are related to the Excel spreadsheet, which uses VBA (Visual Basics for Applications), the programming language of Excel and other Office programs. The student will explore different aspects of computer programming utilizing built-in options of Excel and the manipulation of mathematics operations and principles. The course will incorporate biblical principles and philosophy that point to God as Creator and the order and logic that He continues to exhibit in His creation.


Algebra I or Geometry


Module 1: Calculation, Estimation, Interpretation

  • Week 1: An Introduction to Computer Mathematics
  • Week 2: Programmers – Translators of Computer Language
  • Week 3: Algorithms
  • Week 4: Users, Programming, and Functions in Excel
  • Week 5: Bits, Bytes, and Making Decisions

Module 2: Statistics

  • Week 6: Data, Percentages, and Calculations
  • Week 7: More on Percentages and Data 
  • Week 8: More on Data and Correlations

Module 3: Macros

  • Week 9: Macros Part One
  • Week 10: More on Macros

Module 4: Business as Usual

  • Week 11: Big Business
  • Week 12: Binomial Function Project 
  • Week 13: Business and Marketing 
  • Week 14: Marketing and Module Test

Module 5: Personal Finances

  • Week 15: Personal Finances & Budgeting
  • Week 16: More on Personal Finances and Credit
  • Week 17: Credit
  • Week 18: Module Test and Semester Exam

Module 6: Patterns and Randomness

  • Week 19: Patterns and Randomness 
  • Week 20: Coding and Cryptography 
  • Week 21: Intelligent Design

Module 7: Modern Programming

  • Week 22: Modern Programming 
  • Week 23: Flowcharts
  • Week 24: Sorting
  • Week 25: Searching

Module 8: Advanced Data Issues, Processing, and Integration

  • Week 26: Data Types and Investigations 
  • Week 27: Data Processing
  • Week 28: Data Integration
  • Week 29: Pseudocode and Programming

Module 9: Animation, More on Data, and the Internet

  • Week 30: Animation 
  • Week 31: Inputting Data
  • Week 32: The internet Classroom
  • Week 33: Library Functions, Boolean Logic, Loops, and Module Test

Module 10: Case Studies, Semester Project, and Project Exam

  • Week 34: Case Study One 
  • Week 35: Case Study Two
  • Week 36: Semester Project and semester Exam

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