HIS0200: 2nd Grade History & Geography

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This history course introduces many new topics and will continue to build on topics learned within First Grade History. Students will learn about the lives of Americans, their contributions to the United States, and the heritage of the American Indians. Students will continue to develop mapping skills and demonstrate an understanding of basic economic concepts. Moreover, students will recognize that the United States is a land of people who have diverse ethnic origins, customs, and traditions. Students will continue to learn how to apply a biblical worldview while working through this course, which will help prepare them for their everyday lives as citizens in their communities.




Module 1: Maps

  • Week 1: Maps
  • Week 2: Geography
  • Week 3: Prime Meridian, Equator, and Four Hemispheres
  • Week 4: Important United States Rivers
  • Week 5: Other Physical Features in the United States

Module 2: Native Americans

  • Week 6: Powhatan Eastern Woodland Indians 
  • Week 7: Lakota of the Plains
  • Week 8: Pueblo Indians of the Southwest 
  • Week 9: First Quarter Review

Module 3: Important Historical Figures

  • Week 10: Columbus, Franklin, and Lincoln 
  • Week 11: Carver, Keller, and Marshall 
  • Week 12: Parks, Robinson, and Chavez 
  • Week 13: Martin Luther King Jr. and Billy Graham

Module 4: American Holidays

  • Week 14: Martin Luther King Jr. and Presidents’ Day
  • Week 15: Memorial, Independence, and Veterans Day
  • Week 16: Columbus and Labor Day
  • Week 17: Thanksgiving and Christmas Day 
  • Week 18: Second Quarter Review

Module 5: Resources

  • Week 19: Natural Resources 
  • Week 20: Human Resources 
  • Week 21: Capital Resources 
  • Week 22: Resources Review

Module 6: Economics

  • Week 23: Bartering and Exchange 
  • Week 24: Money
  • Week 25: Scarcity, Production, and Consumption
  • Week 26: Economics in Real Life 
  • Week 27: Third Quarter Review

Module 7: Civics Part 1

  • Week 28: Citizenship, Respect, and Voting 
  • Week 29: Self-Discipline and Self-Reliance 
  • Week 30: Honesty and Trustworthiness 
  • Week 31: Rules and Laws

Module 8: Civics Part 2

  • Week 32: Communities, Rights, and Responsibilities
  • Week 33: Common Principles 
  • Week 34: American Symbols

Module 9: Important Innovations & Inventions

  • Week 35: Important Innovations and Inventions
  • Week 36: Fourth Quarter Review

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