BIB0300: 3rd Grade Bible

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/28/2024

Course Description

This course encourages and teaches students how to make Jesus the Ultimate Teacher of their lives. Through the utilization of God’s Truth and intriguing activities, students will explore the life of Jesus and the choices He wants us to make for our lives through an engaging course theme of “Passport to Adventure.” Students will research the lives of biblical figures and examine Christian character traits as they explore how the early disciples spread the Gospel to other places. Students will learn Christian values, strengthen their faith, memorize Scripture, and most importantly, apply it to their daily lives. This Bible course is designed to help students expand their knowledge of the early church, Christ, and His teachings. Ultimately, it will provide valuable opportunities for students to develop closer and more powerful relationships with Christ our Savior.


2nd Grade Bible


Module 1: Passport to Adventure

  • Week 1: The Great Commission 
  • Week 2: Jesus Ascends into Heaven
  • Week 3: The Holy Spirit Comes at Pentecost

Module 2: Adventures with the Holy Spirit

  • Week 4: Peter is Filled with the Holy Spirit 
  • Week 5: Peter and John are Questioned 
  • Week 6: Stephen the First Martyr

Module 3: Adventures with the Church and Philip

  • Week 7: The Church is Scattered 
  • Week 8: Philip Sets Out
  • Week 9: Review Week

Module 4: Adventures with Peter and Paul

  • Week 10: Saul’s Conversion
  • Week 11: Introduction to Missionaries and William Carey
  • Week 12: Peter and Paul
  • Week 13: Missionary David Livingstone

Module 5: Mission Adventures with Paul

  • Week 14: Paul’s Second Missionary Journey 
  • Week 15: Letters to Thessalonica
  • Week 16: Priscilla, Aquila, and Apollos 
  • Week 17: Missionary Hudson Taylor 
  • Week 18: Review Week

Module 6: More Mission Adventures with Paul

  • Week 19: Paul’s Third Missionary Journey 
  • Week 20: Letters to Corinth
  • Week 21: Letter to Rome
  • Week 22: Missionary Mary Slessor

Module 7: Paul Sails to Rome

  • Week 23: Paul’s Arrest and Trial 
  • Week 24: Paul Sails for Rome 
  • Week 25: Paul Under Roman Guard
  • Week 26: Missionary Amy Carmichael 
  • Week 27: Review Week

Module 8: Letters to Ephesus, Philippi, and Colossae

  • Week 28: Letter to Ephesus 
  • Week 29: Letter to Philippi 
  • Week 30: Letter to Colossae 
  • Week 31: Missionary Nate Saint

Module 9: Paul’s Last Days

  • Week 32: Letter to Philemon 
  • Week 33: Paul’s Last Days
  • Week 34: Missionary Katie Davis Majors

Module 10: Mission Adventures for You

  • Week 35: Missionary Where You Are
  • Week 36: Review Week

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