LAN2700: French II

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This year-long course includes a review of and mastery of basic concepts in the French language while also developing more complex grammatical concepts and robust vocabulary, all while exposing students to the culture, geography, and history of the francophone world. Using web-based technology, students will continue their exciting journey of learning a second language. Students continue to build language skills, and learn about various French-speaking cultures and histories. Students will use these developing skills in writing, listening, reading, and speaking. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of biblical worldview as we encounter and appreciate a new perspective.


French 1


Module 1: Review of French 1

  • Week 1: Talking About Yourself and Others 
  • Week 2: Review of French 1, Part 2: The Impressionists and Holidays
  • Week 3: Les Fêtes Françaises
  • Week 4: Noël et Pâques

Module 2: Faisons les Courses! (Let’s go Shopping!)

  • Week 5: Au Marché
  • Week 6: Mange tes légumes!
  • Week 7: Mangeons!
  • Week 8: Cooking Project

Module 3: Au lycée (In High School)

  • Week 9: La Rentrée en France
  • Week 10: Au lycée Québécois
  • Week 11: Les écoles à La République Centrafricaine

Module 4: Talking About Events in the Past

  • Week 12: The Past 
  • Week 13: Irregular Past
  • Week 14: Practice with PC 
  • Week 15: Passé Composé Project

Module 5: Les Films et Les Livres (Movies and Books)

  • Week 16: Les Films
  • Week 17: Les Livres
  • Week 18: Review

Module 6: Révision/Les Vêtements (Review/Clothing)

  • Week 19: Révision/ Les Vêtements
  • Week 20: Talking about Sizes & Jewelry 
  • Week 21: Colors, Patterns, Materials 
  • Week 22: The Weather and Clothing

Module 7: Quand j’étais petit… (When I was young)

  • Week 23: L’Imparfait
  • Week 24: L’Imparfait et Le Passé Composé
  • Week 25: Un Livre de Mon Enfance

Module 8: Les Régions de France (Regions of France)

  • Week 26: Faire du Camping
  • Week 27: À la campagne
  • Week 28: Les Montagnes et La Mer
  • Week 29: Regions Project

Module 9: Les Bénévoles (Charities)

  • Week 30: Donner un Coup de Main
  • Week 31: Des Occasions pour Servir
  • Week 32: La Bonne Nouvelle
  • Week 33: Savoir et Connaître

Module 10: L’Argot, SMS, et Révision (Slang, Texts, and Review)

  • Week 34: L’Argot et Révision
  • Week 35: Révision
  • Week 36: Final Project and Final Exam

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