LAN2600: French I

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This year-long course includes an introduction to and mastery of basic concepts and vocabulary in the French language while exposing students to culture, geography, and history of the francophone world. Using web-based technology, students will begin this exciting journey into learning a second language. Not only will the students build language skills, but they will also learn about various French-speaking cultures and histories. Students will use their new skills in writing, listening, reading, and speaking. Additionally, students will gain a better understanding of biblical worldview as we encounter and appreciate a new perspective.




Module 1: Les Salutations (Greetings)

  • Week 1: Alphabet and Punctuation
  • Week 2: Formal Greetings
  • Week 3: Informal Greetings
  • Week 4: Common Questions and Phrases, Dates

Module 2: Un Jour (A Day)

  • Week 5: Expressing likes and Numbers 60-100
  • Week 6: Indefinite Articles and the verb Avoir
  • Week 7: -ER Verbs
  • Week 8: Ways to Ask Yes/No Questions

Module 3: Qui suis-je? (Who am I?)

  • Week 9: Être
  • Week 10: Professions
  • Week 11: Hobbies and Pastimes

Module 4: Ma Famille (My Family)

  • Week 12: The Family
  • Week 13: Introducing a 3rd Person
  • Week 14: -Ger, -Cer, -Yer verbs
  • Week 15: With My Family

Module 5: Dans la Salle de Classe (In the Classroom)

  • Week 16: In the Classroom
  • Week 17: Colors and Large Numbers
  • Week 18: Review

Module 6: Révision/Mon Année Scolaire (Review/My School Year)

  • Week 19: Classroom Expressions
  • Week 20: Préférer and acheter, Telling Time
  • Week 21: Question Words
  • Week 22: After School and the Near Future

Module 7: Ma Ville (My City)

  • Week 23: I need…/At the Market
  • Week 24: Adverbs of Time
  • Week 25: Where is the Metro?

Module 8: À la Maison (At Home)

  • Week 26: At Home
  • Week 27: Interrogative and Demonstrative Adjectives
  • Week 28: Chores
  • Week 29: Reflexive Verbs

Module 9: Mangeons! (Let’s Eat!)

  • Week 30: Breakfast and Giving Opinions about Food
  • Week 31: At the Café and Ordering
  • Week 32: Set the Table
  • Week 33: The Pronoun “en”

Module 10: Révision (Review)

  • Week 34: Reading and Writing Review
  • Week 35: Listening and Speaking Review
  • Week 36: Final Project and Final Exam

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