LAN1200: English 12

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This year-long course provides an overview of British Literature from the Anglo-Saxon era, the Enlightenment, and the Industrial Revolution, up to and including the Modern Period. This course covers major works of fiction, poetry, and drama. Students will discover the historical content, authorial influence, and literary impact of these works. Using these texts, students will strengthen their writing and vocabulary skills and then be guided in developing an argumentative research paper. Students are guided with biblical truths to develop the skills necessary to honor God through excellence in the written and spoken word.


English 11


Module 1: Introduction to Course and Beowulf

  • Week 1: Introduction to Course and Beowulf
  • Week 2: Beowulf, continued

Module 2: The Medieval Period

  • Week 3: English Medieval History, Arthurian Legends, and The Canterbury Tales
  • Week 4: The Canterbury Tales, continued and Medieval Dramas

Module 3: Renaissance Period and Macbeth

  • Week 5: Renaissance Literature
  • Week 6: Elizabethan Theater and Macbeth
  • Week 7: Macbeth
  • Week 8: Macbeth, continued
  • Week 9: Macbeth, continued and Quarter Exam

Module 4: The Enlightenment Period

  • Week 10: Paradise Lost
  • Week 11: Paradise Lost, continued
  • Week 12: Compare and Contrast Essay, Nonfiction: Dictionaries and Periodicals
  • Week 13: Nonfiction

Module 5: The Industrial Revolution Period and Frankenstein

  • Week 14: The Industrial Revolution in Britain
  • Week 15: Frankenstein, continued
  • Week 16: Frankenstein, continued
  • Week 17: Frankenstein, continued
  • Week 18: Frankenstein Genre Essay and Quarter Exam

Module 6: Research Paper and Technical Writing

  • Week 19: Research Paper
  • Week 20: Research Paper, continued
  • Week 21: Research Paper, continued; First Submission
  • Week 22: Technical Writing and Research Paper Final Submission

Module 7: English Poetry from the 17th – 20th Centuries

  • Week 23: Neoclassical Poetry
  • Week 24: Romantic Poetry
  • Week 25: Romantic Poetry, continued
  • Week 26: Victorian Poetry
  • Week 27: Modern Poetry and Quarter Exam

Module 8: The Modern Period: Animal Farm

  • Week 28: Animal Farm
  • Week 29: Animal Farm, continued
  • Week 30: Animal Farm, continued

Module 9: The Modern Period: Essays and Drama

  • Week 31: The Great Divorce
  • Week 32: The Great Divorce, continued
  • Week 33: The Great Divorce; Lewis and Orwell
  • Week 34: Modern British Drama and Pygmalion
  • Week 35: Pygmalion, continued
  • Week 36: Modern American Drama, Reflection Essay, and Quarter Exam

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