LAN0900: English 9

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This year-long course continues to build on the sequential review and development of grammar and communication skills in writing. An evaluation of world literature develops analytical skills using examples of short stories, the novella, the novel, poetry, allegory, and drama selected from a variety of periods and authors. These and other texts frame the students’ vocabulary comprehension through contextual application. A research paper using appropriate style, format, and documentation will analyze a social issue from a historical, biblical, and literary perspective. Students are guided with biblical truths to develop the skills necessary to honor God through excellence in the written and spoken word.


8th Grade Language Art


Module 1: Grammar & Writing Review 

  • Week 1: Introduction and Plagiarism Review 
  • Week 2: Strong Writing and Style
  • Week 3: Grammar Review

Module 2: Short Stories

  • Week 4: O Henry and Fyodor Dostoevsky
  • Week 5: Richard Connell, Alice Walker, and Amy Tan
  • Week 6: James Thurber, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Frank Stockton
  • Week 7: Comparison/Contrast Essay; Jack London and Ambrose Bierce
  • Week 8: Essay Submission; Module Tests Week 9: Quarter Review, Test

Module 3: Novel: Great Expectations Part 1 (Volume 1)

  • Week 10: Great Expectations, Chapters 1-6
  • Week 11: Great Expectations, Chapters 7-19

Module 4: Novel: Great Expectations Part 2 (Volumes 2 and 3)

  • Week 12: Great Expectations, Chapters 20-33
  • Week 13: Great Expectations, Chapters 34-46
  • Week 14: Great Expectations, Chapters 47-59 
  • Week 15: Reviews; Tests; Essay Submission

Module 5: Poetry

  • Week 16: Edgar Allen Poe, Gwendolyn Brooks, and Sidney Lanier
  • Week 17: Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson, Percy Bysshe Shelley, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Dylan Thomas, and Louisa May Alcott 
  • Week 18: Poetry, Continued

Module 6: Novella: Jekyll and Hyde

  • Week 19: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Introduction 
  • Week 20: Dr. Jekyll and Hyde, Chapters 1-8 
  • Week 21: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Chapters 9-10; Module 6 Test

Module 7: Literary Genres: Fiction & Nonfiction

  • Week 22: Fiction
  • Week 23: Nonfiction
  • Week 24: Nonfiction, continued

Module 8: Pilgrim’s Progress

  • Week 25: Introduction to Bunyan and Allegory 
  • Week 26: Pilgrim’s Progress, Chapters 6-10 
  • Week 27: Oral Presentation Preparation

Module 9: Media Literacy and Research Paper

  • Week 28: Media Literacy 
  • Week 29: Research Paper 
  • Week 30: Research, continued 
  • Week 31: Research, continued

Module 10: William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet

  • Week 32: Introduction to Shakespeare and Romeo and Juliet
  • Week 33: Romeo and Juliet, continued 
  • Week 34: Romeo and Juliet, continued; Research Paper
  • Week 35: Romeo and Juliet Analysis 
  • Week 36: Oral Presentation and Exam

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