LAN0200: 2nd Grade Language Arts

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/30/2024

Course Description

In this literacy course, students will continue to build their literacy skills. Students will explore fiction and nonfiction texts. Students will continue to expand their vocabulary by effectively using speaking and listening skills in oral language discussions. Students will also use a combination of strategies when reading with fluency, accuracy, and expression. Students will demonstrate comprehension skills by identifying main ideas, making and confirming predictions, questioning, summarizing, and drawing conclusions. Students will transition to cursive handwriting and will understand writing as a process while writing in various forms. Students will continue to deepen their education through these areas with biblical integration throughout the course!


First Grade Language Arts


Module 1: Sentences & Stories

  • Week 1: Story Elements
  • Week 2: Setting, The Writing Process, and Nouns
  • Week 3: Story Predictions and Verbs
  • Week 4: Writing a Letter and Identifying the Conflict and Resolution

Module 2: Reading & Writing Skills

  • Week 5: Traits of a Character
  • Week 6: Describing a Character
  • Week 7: Story Elements and Sequencing
  • Week 8: Story Elements and Context Clues
  • Week 9: First Quarter Review Week

Module 3: Narratives

  • Week 10: Connections
  • Week 11: Connections to Story Elements
  • Week 12: Predictions
  • Week 13: Making and Confirming Predictions

Module 4: All About Nonfiction

  • Week 14: Text Features
  • Week 15: More Text Features
  • Week 16: Using What You Know
  • Week 17: Setting a Purpose for Reading
  • Week 18: Second Quarter Review Week

Module 5: Nonfiction Stories

  • Week 19: Predictions in Nonfiction
  • Week 20: Descriptive Writing
  • Week 21: Asking and Answering Questions

Module 6: Questions, Questions, Questions

  • Week 22: Asking and Answering Question
  • Week 23: Asking Questions in Fiction
  • Week 24: Asking Questions in Fiction

Module 7: Summarizing in Fiction

  • Week 25: Summarizing
  • Week 26: Writing a Letter
  • Week 27: Third Quarter Review Week

Module 8: Themes in Fiction

  • Week 28: Themes
  • Week 29: Inferring and Drawing Conclusions
  • Week 30: Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • Week 31: Inferences
  • Week 32: Friendly Letter

Module 9: Research Skills

  • Week 33: Generate a Topic of Interest
  • Week 34: Identifying Resources
  • Week 35: Organizing Research
  • Week 36: Fourth Quarter Review Week

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