HPEG0200: Girl’s Health & PE II

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 01/30/2024

Course Description

The Health & PE II course is designed for 10th grade students but can be taken by a high school student on any level. It will guide the students to establish a biblical worldview regarding the body and overall health. During the Health weeks, students will investigate topics on physical, mental-emotional, social, and spiritual health including body systems, depression, relationships, and accountability. During PE weeks, students are given instructional content, including video instructions, regarding aerobic and anaerobic exercises that will strengthen the body. Students will perform these activities and provide video submissions to their instructor for grading—male students with male teachers and female students with female teachers. The students will additionally complete weekly activity logs recording regular physical activity to ensure that they stay active. Following this course, a student should have a deeper understanding of health and physical fitness from a variety of disciplines.


HPEG0100: Girl’s Health & PE I


Module 1: Spiritual Health 

  • Week 1: Spiritual Health 
  • Week 2: Devotions
  • Week 3: Self-Image

Module 2: Emotional, Social, & Mental Health

  • Week 4: Emotional Health 
  • Week 5: Social Health 
  • Week 6: Mental Health

Module 3: Body Systems 

  • Week 7: Body Systems – Part I 
  • Week 8: Body Systems – Part II 
  • Week 9: Body Hygiene
  • Week 10: Preventative Health

Module 4: Substance Challenges & Safety

  • Week 11: Drugs in Society 
  • Week 12: Alcohol and Tobacco 
  • Week 13: Safety

Module 5: Community & Service 

  • Week 14: Family and Neighbor Service 
  • Week 15: Government and Health 
  • Week 16: Service Project
  • Week 17: Careers in Health Project 
  • Week 18: Final Exam

Module 6: Stretches

  • Week 19: Introduction
  • Week 20: Dynamic Stretches 
  • Week 21: Static Stretches
  • Week 22: Warm-up/Recovery Routine

Module 7: Running

  • Week 23: Sprinting
  • Week 24: Long Distance Running

Module 8: Aerobic & Anaerobic Exercise

  • Week 25: Aerobic Exercise 
  • Week 26: Anaerobic Exercise 
  • Week 27: ATP & Alactic Systems

Module 9: Core Workouts 

  • Week 28: Core Exercises 
  • Week 29: Core Circuit

Module 10: Cardio Workouts 

  • Week 30: Basic Cardio Workout 
  • Week 31: Kick Boxing

Module 11: Workout Plan & Group Activities

  • Week 32: Personal Workout Plan 
  • Week 33: Group Activity

Module 12: Life Application

  • Week 34: Plyometrics
  • Week 35: Plyometric II Training Exercises 
  • Week 36: Post-Test

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