HPEB0100: Boy’s Health & PE I

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This course can be taken as a year-long or separate semester course to isolate the health or physical education components. The primary aim of the course is to encourage the student to establish a biblical view of the body, health, and self-image. During health instruction, students will investigate the physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects of topics such as nutrition, overall health, body image, social health, stress, and appropriate use of social media. Students explore the normal functioning of major body systems and the impact of disease on those systems. Through safety and first aid training, the student is exposed to the skills and techniques of CPR and the use of an automated external defibrillator (AED.) Physical education (PE) instruction guides students in the safe and appropriate techniques for physical activity, such as stretching, jumping, developing core strength, plyometrics, and other aerobic exercises. Students demonstrate participation by submitting an activity journal and mastery through submitting video recordings of the student’s exercise activities. Male students are assigned to course sections taught by male instructors, and female students are assigned to those taught by female instructors. While HPEB100 is designed for ninth-grade students, the course can be taken by any high-school student.




Module 1: Nutrition and Physical Fitness

  • Week 1: Nutrition, Part I 
  • Week 2: Nutrition, Part II 
  • Week 3: Healthy Body
  • Week 4: How We See Ourselves

Module 2: Biblical Worldview

  • Week 5: Prayer and Bible 
  • Week 6: Temptations
  • Week 7: Social Health/Stress 
  • Week 8: Emotions and Feelings 
  • Week 9: Substance Abuse

Module 3: Our Bodies

  • Week 10: Body Systems Part I-III 
  • Week 11: Body Systems Part IV-VI 
  • Week 12: Diseases Part I
  • Week 13: Diseases Part II

Module 4: Safety and First Aid

  • Week 14: Safety 
  • Week 15: First Aid

Module 5: Social Media and Online Safety

  • Week 16: Social Media 
  • Week 17: Online Safety 
  • Week 18: Health Exam

Module 6: Introduction & Stretches

  • Week 19: Introduction
  • Week 20: Dynamic Stretches 
  • Week 21: Static Stretches 
  • Week 22: Flexibility Exercises

Module 7: Jumping

  • Week 23: Running, Skipping & Galloping 
  • Week 24: Hopping & Jumping
  • Week 25: Calisthenics

Module 8: Core Strength 

  • Week 26: Core Strength Exercises 
  • Week 27: Core Circuit Exercises

Module 9: Body Weight Exercises 

  • Week 28: Body Weight Strength Exercises 
  • Week 29: Body Weight Circuit Exercises

Module 10: Personal Fitness 

  • Week 30: Balance Exercises 
  • Week 31: Sprint Drills

Module 11: Running & Group Activity 

  • Week 32: Running Mechanics & Distance Running
  • Week 33: Group Activity

Module 12: Plyometrics 

  • Week 34: Plyometrics, Part I 
  • Week 35: Plyometrics, Part II 
  • Week 36: Final Exam

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