HIS2150: Civil War & Reconstruction

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This semester-long course introduces the student to the important themes, people, and ideas arising from the period of the American Civil War. Students will study military campaigns as well as the wartime experiences of women, African Americans, and individuals who contributed to the war effort in ways other than the military. While the focus of the course is from 1850 to 1877, students will also learn about the context of the war and its impact on subsequent American history, all through the lens of a biblical worldview.




Module 1: Why the War Came

  • Week 1: Setting the Stage
  • Week 2: The History of Slavery and Compromise
  • Week 3:The 1850s, the Emergence of Lincoln, and Secession

Module 2: 1862 – Confederate High Tide

  • Week 4: Raising the Armies and the Rise of Grant
  • Week 5: The Rise of Lee
  • Week 6: Antietam, Emancipation, & Fredericksburg
  • Week 7: Non-Combat Experiences
  • Week 8: Non-Combat Experiences (Continued)

Module 3: 1863 – The Confederacy Unravels

  • Week 9: Chancellorsville & Gettysburg
  • Week 10: Vicksburg
  • Week 11: Campaigns in Tennessee & Georgia

Module 4: 1864 – The Twilight of the Rebellion

  • Week 12: The Atlanta Campaign
  • Week 13: Petersburg & the Valley Campaign
  • Week 14: The March to the Sea & the Fall of the Army of Tennessee

Module 5: Reconstruction and the Future

  • Week 15: The March through the Carolinas & Appomattox
  • Week 16: Early Reconstruction
  • Week 17: Later Reconstruction & Why It All Matters
  • Week 18: The War in Context & Memory

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