HIS1146: Virginia History

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This semester-long course provides an overview of the history, geography, and government of the Commonwealth of Virginia from the 16th century to the present. Students will learn the contributions the Commonwealth has made to the progression of American History in areas of law, government, education, economics, and religion. The course includes a focus on the importance of Christianity and religious freedom to the growth of the American nation.




Module 1: Introduction to Virginia

  • Week 1: Virginia Statistics, Geography, and Government

Module 2: Colonial Virginia

  • Week 2: Early Colonial Virginia
  • Week 3: Virginia as a Royal Colony
  • Week 4: Test: Colonial Virginia

Module 3: From Colony to Commonwealth

  • Week 5: Virginia in the American Revolution
  • Week 6: Quiz: Virginia in the American Revolution & Virginia in the Early Republic
  • Week 7: Quiz: Virginia in the Early Republic & Religious Freedom in Virginia Project
  • Week 8: Test: From Colony to Commonwealth
  • Week 9: Exam: Quarter 1

Module 4: Virginia & the Civil War & Reconstruction

  • Week 10: Virginia and the Civil War
  • Week 11: Quiz: Virginia and the Civil War & Post-War Virginia
  • Week 12: Quiz: Virginia & Reconstruction & Test: Virginia in the Civil War & Reconstruction

Module 5: Virginia & the New South

  • Week 13: Virginia & the New South

Module 6: Virginia in the Early 20th Century

  • Week 14: Virginia in the Early 20th Century

Module 7: Modern Virginia

  • Week 15: Modern Virginia
  • Week 16: Quiz: Modern Virginia & Southern Manifesto and Current Issues Project
  • Week 17: Test: The New Virginia
  • Week 18: Exam: Quarter 2

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