HIS1100: U.S. History

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/27/2024

Course Description

This year-long course provides an overview of American history from early exploration to the present. It examines the development of the American republic with special attention paid to the political, intellectual, economic, and cultural influences on the development of the United States as an exceptional nation in a global context. In addition, students will analyze the founding documents and major events of American history from the perspective of a biblical worldview, with an emphasis on events such as the Great Awakening and the biblical principles that were essential to the nation’s founding.




Module 1: Colonial America

  • Week 1: Exploration & Early Settlement
  • Week 2: British Colonial America
  • Week 3: Quiz & 18th-Century British America
  • Week 4: Late Colonial America and Assessment

Module 2: From Colonies to Nation

  • Week 5: The American War for Independence
  • Week 6: Quiz: The American War for Independence & Declaration of Independence Project
  • Week 7: The Foundations of American Government
  • Week 8: First Presidents, the War of 1812, & the Fall of the Federalists
  • Week 9: Quiz & Quarter 1 Exam

Module 3: The American Republic

  • Week 10: The Slavery Question & the Democratization of America
  • Week 11: Jacksonian America & Quiz: The American Republic
  • Week 12: Jacksonian Democracy Project

Module 4: Manifest Destiny & American Reform

  • Week 13: American Expansion & Growth
  • Week 14: Religion, Family, & Reform

Module 5: The American Civil War

  • Week 15: The Road to War
  • Week 16: The Start of the Civil War & Quiz
  • Week 17: The End of the Civil War & Reconstruction
  • Week 18: Quiz & Quarter 2 Exam

Module 6: Postbellum America, the Gilded Age, & Progressivism

  • Week 19: The New South, the Old West, & Industrialization
  • Week 20: Big Business, Politics, and Populism
  • Week 21: The Progressive Movement & Quiz

Module 7: American Imperialism & Europe’s Great War

  • Week 22: American Imperialism and the Great War
  • Week 23: World War I Project and Quiz

Module 8: The Roaring Twenties & the Great Depression

  • Week 24: The Roaring Twenties & the Great Depression Begins
  • Week 25: The New Deal & Quiz
  • Week 26: Culture in the Great Depression
  • Week 27: Quiz & Quarter 3 Exam

Module 9: World War II

  • Week 28: World War II: The Early Years
  • Week 29: The United States in World War II
  • Week 30: The Hard Road to Allied Victory
  • Week 31: Propaganda Project & Quiz

Module 10: Modern America

  • Week 32: The Origins of the Cold War & American Politics & Culture
  • Week 33: The 1960s
  • Week 34: Closing Out the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s
  • Week 35: The Turn of the Century
  • Week 36: Quiz & Quarter 4 Exam

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