HIS0400: 4th Grade History & Geography

05/01/2023 to 04/30/2024 • Modified 06/08/2023

Course Description

This history course gives students an overview of the settlement of Virginia and the beginning of the United States of America. Students will see the new nation’s development and study the events and people that contributed to the free America of today. Students will journey through Jamestown, the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and present-day America through the lens of Virginia history. The student will learn about the foundations of the government of today. Students will learn about and use history tools to understand what it means to be a historian, archeologist, and anthropologist.


3rd Grade History


Module 1: Regions, Rivers, and Resources of Virginia

  • Week 1: Regions and Resources of Virginia
  • Week 2: Virginia Water Features
  • Week 3: Native Americans of Virginia
  • Week 4: The Algonquian, Siouan, and Iroquoian

Module 2: Early Virginia

  • Week 5: A New Colony
  • Week 6: The First People of Jamestown
  • Week 7: Growth of Jamestown
  • Week 8: Daily Life in the Virginia Colony
  • Week 9: Quarter Review

Module 3: A Growing, Changing Colony

  • Week 10: Historical Tools
  • Week 11: Colonial Virginia
  • Week 12: Events Leading to Revolution

Module 4: The Revolution

  • Week 13: Declaring Independence
  • Week 14: The Revolutionary War
  • Week 15: People of the Revolution
  • Week 16: Leaders of the Revolution

Module 5: Westward Expansion

  • Week 17: Westward Expansion
  • Week 18: Quarter Two Review

Module 6: Causes of the Civil War

  • Week 19: Causes of the Civil War
  • Week 20: An America Divided
  • Week 21: Virginia and the Civil War

Module 7: The Civil War Begins

  • Week 22: First Battles of the Civil War in Virginia
  • Week 23: Major Battles of the Civil War in Virginia
  • Week 24: Final Battles of the Civil War in Virginia
  • Week 25: Events Leading to the End of the Civil War
  • Week 26: The Civil War Ends
  • Week 27: Quarter Three Review

Module 8: The Civil War Ends

  • Week 28: Reconstruction
  • Week 29: Jim Crow Laws and Segregation

Module 9: 1900s to Present Day Virginia

  • Week 30: Economic Development
  • Week 31: Women’s Suffrage and the Great Depression
  • Week 32: Civil Rights

Module 10: People, Government, and Virginia of Today

  • Week 33: Famous Virginians
  • Week 34: Virginia Government
  • Week 35: Virginia Today
  • Week 36: Quarter Four Review

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