HIS0100: 1st Grade History & Science

05/01/2024 to 05/30/2025 • Modified 04/23/2024

Course Description

This history course will provide students with an invaluable starting point in their history education. Students will learn about the lives of leaders in Virginia’s history and their contributions to the Commonwealth. Students will also learn about basic map skills, economic concepts of goods and services, consumers and producers, and making economic choices. Additionally, students will learn about the traits of a good citizen and the importance of communities. Students will gain insights into a biblical worldview of history through this course and how it should affect their daily lives and actions.

This science course introduces students to basic science skills that will be built upon in years to come. Students will begin conducting simple experiments and be introduced to classifying plants and animals based on superficial characteristics. Emphasis is placed on the relationships among objects and their interactions. Students are expected to know the fundamental relationships between the sun and Earth and the relationship between seasonal changes and plant and animal activities. Students will also begin to develop an understanding of moving objects, critical natural resources, and how to be a scientist. Students will deepen their education through these areas with biblical integration throughout the course.




Module 1: Citizenship & Geography

  • Week 1: Being a Good Citizen
  • Week 2: Responsibility, Honesty, and Voting
  • Week 3: Map Symbols and Directions
  • Week 4: Reading and Creating Maps
  • Week 5: Climate and Landforms

Module 2: Then and Now

  • Week 6: Life in Early Virginia
  • Week 7: Famous Virginians
  • Week 8: Life in Virginia Today
  • Week 9: Quarter One Review Week

Module 3: Important People, Holidays, and Practices

  • Week 10: The People of Virginia
  • Week 11: Virginia Symbols and Traditions
  • Week 12: American Symbols and Making Decisions
  • Week 13: Famous Richmonders
  • Week 14: Holidays

Module 5: Economics

  • Week 15: Needs, Wants, Goods, and Services
  • Week 16: Consumers and Producers
  • Week 17: Earn and Save
  • Week 18: Quarter Two Review Week

Module 6: Becoming a Scientist

  • Week 19: Scientific Tools
  • Week 20: Measurement and Inferences

Module 7: Matter, Force, Motion, & Energy

  • Week 21: Matter
  • Week 22: Changing Matter 
  • Week 23: Force and Motion

Module 8: The Sun & Earth 

  • Week 24: The Sun and Earth 
  • Week 25: Seasons
  • Week 26: Climate and Weather 
  • Week 27: Third Quarter Review

Module 9: Plants & Animals

  • Week 28: Plants
  • Week 29: Plant Life Cycle 
  • Week 30: Animals
  • Week 31: More About Animals

Module 10: Natural Resources 

  • Week 32: Natural Resources 
  • Week 33: Caring for the Earth

Module 11: Caring for Ecosystems & Others

  • Week 34: Ecosystems
  • Week 35: Caring for Yourself and Others 
  • Week 36: Fourth Quarter Review

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